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One of the main reasons for spotting 10 days before period can have to do with cysts or implantation.  It can also be that your cycle will be shorter than you expect this month and you ovulated early.

Now usually I would not suggest implantation because implantation spotting normally comes 7 days before a period or somewhere around that.  But here is where fertility charting is so important and the Fertility Tracker comes in handy (or OvaCue Monitor which is much more expensive).

When you know exactly when you have ovulated then it is easier to understand spotting.  For instance, if you spotting only a few days before you think your period is due then you might think it is is your menses.  But what if you ovulated later in the cycle than you thought?  It may actually be implantation.

What if on the other hand you have a shorter cycle than you know and you begin spotting?  That would produce the same concern when in fact it is your period coming.  Remember that spotting when trying to conceive is almost always a sign that natural progesterone  cream would be helpful.

Now if you have a long follicular phase of about 21 days (for example) and you spot around day 28, you will think it is your implantation when it might be mittelschmerz from a cyst.

Here is an email I answered from a girl who was spotting but had not sent enough information about previous cycles and doesn’t chart fertility.  She wrote about spotting 10 days before period.

Hi there, If your cycles are regular and you know that it is in fact 10 days before you period then it COULD be pregnancy but if you have any cysts it could also be that. Cysts would burst just after a good ovulation. Implantation might the case if you were to have ovulated earlier in the cycle; around day 10 or 11; even 12. That way around day 18 you might have spotting from implantation which usually happens around 6 or 7 DPO. Did you have any slight pain at ovulation? Do you know when you ovulate? Do you chart your cycles with a thermometer, fertility monitor like the Fertility Tracker or an OvaCue Monitor? Search our site by using tags for these terms in order to learn how to chart your fertility. It is very helpful in understanding how this works for your personal body profile. Blessings, brenda


Maryam wrote: Ive got a spotting for 3 days but only occurred in the morning just once a day and this happened 10 days before my period. Could I be pregnant? thanks for taking your time reading this message.

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