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Thousands of women come to our site monthly asking questions and looking for reasons for spotting answers.  This page is dedicated to some of the answers to these questions.  If you are are on Birth Control and looking for answers visit that page:  reasons for spotting on birth control pills.   Your questions are usually answered within 36 – 48 hours but often within only a few hours.  We know you are are anxious and are sensitive to that.  If you have not come here from Reasons for Spotting check out that page as well.

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Here is a question from “Chelsea”

I “spotted” for about 2 1/2 days then it ended, my period isn’t due for another 1-2 weeks, could i be pregnant?

             Brenda writes: Implantation spotting is my best guess for this. – Most often when a period isn’t due for 1 week or a little more, it is implantation spotting.  This is when the fertilized egg implants on the wall of the uterus.

If you were temping you would find that your temps would usually have an extra leap at this time.   If you were using a Fertility Tracker you would have seen ferning at the time of implantation which shows the surge of estrogen.


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Hormonal imbalance due to low progesterone. 
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  1. Ashley Smith

    Is it possible to have Implantation spotting when you haven’t had sex

  2. admin

    Implantation spotting is the result of pregnancy; a fertilized egg implanting on the wall of the uterus to grow and be nourished. No it is not possible.

    If you experienced a little spotting mid cycle it can be mittleschmerz, your egg breaking free.
    If it is when your period is due then you will probably have your period by the time you read this.
    If you have a history of this and then no bleeding or menstruation otherwise then we should talk about what to do if you have cysts.

    Consider this article or do a search on our site about cysts:

  3. Porscha Williams

    i was on birth control but i stop taking them i had sex just a few days ago and now i am spotting what does that mean?

  4. admin

    I would need to know more about your dates. When did you stop the pill? How long after did you have sex? When did your last period start? When did your spotting start and what is it like as well as how long have you been spotting?



  6. admin

    Tell me when your last period started and when did you go off the pill?

  7. Lilly

    my cycle is usually about 30 days. last time i had my period was at the end of last month.. so technically i am supposed to get my period one of these days, BUT, I’ve had spotting (?) for the past 2 weeks.. and its more that just some blood..its red or brown and pretty heavy, i have to use at least a daily pad or a tampon. I have not had sex for the past 4 months.

  8. sophie

    I had sex without protection with my boyfriend last week, then i used Plan B one step the next morning. Today, i found myself spotting and it is not until the 14th when my period starts. Am i spotting due to the plan B or could i be pregnant? Also, we had sex on the last day of my last period and i didnt use plan B or anything but im pretty sure he didnt come inside of me

  9. admin

    Plan B is an aborticient. It will force any fertilized egg from the uterus if taken at the right time. It is such a dangerous pill and yet the FDA wants to regulate vitamins. It often causes cramping and spotting. You also could have spotting from rough sex or from ovulating. Most likely it is the pill.

  10. admin

    Hi Lily, Do you have PCOS or a history of missed periods? It seems so because you said “technically” you are supposed to get your period. Sounds like 1 of two things. If you had any cysts then you could have burst one (or more) which is usually a good sign that your body is producing a better ovulation and two that if you are perimenopausal – entering menopausal years – you might have shorter cycles from reduced egg quality and low progesterone. Your history and age have a lot to do with this answer. blessings.

  11. bridgette

    my boyfriend an i had sex for the first time a month ago we used a condem properly and even pulled out before he ejaculated and it was a little less than a week before my period was suppposed to start. then i got some bleeding it went away and when my period was supposed to come i had spotting for a few days…my periods have always been regular…it is almost time for my next period it’s about a week away we havent done anything and i’m spotting again for a few days. can i be pregnant? or what is it?

  12. admin

    Hi Bridgette, Your dates are not making sense to me. You had sex the week before your period last month. Then a week later you had spotting. So let say this:
    Sex around June 5 – Period due June 10. Bleeding for a couple of days. Then about the 13th you had spotting instead of a period. So if you are due to have a period in a week it would most likely be that your periods are changing and becoming weaker. If you spotting from pregnancy it does not usually go on and off spotting at the same time each month. You would most likely be spotting from cysts or from a lower quality cycle that did not cause you to build up enough blood in your uterus.
    It is a good idea to have pregnancy tests on hand if you are sexually active at all. If it was your first time then that could be the reason for your spotting then but not for it again unless you are very fragile and it is only the second time you have had sex. You can buy a bundle of 5 pregnancy tests for $11.25 including shipping which is the price of only 1 at the store. Find it on this page to have on hand for these times. I hope this is helpful.

  13. Liz

    I have had regular periods since Dec. of 2010. That is until May when I thought my period was coming early (two days) and continued to spot of 3 WEEKS! On the 11th day of spotting I went to PP and the Nurse practitioner did a pelvic exam and checked me for stds. Tests were negative. Let me just say I am sexually active with one partner. Committed relationship. We have one son and have been trying to have another. I was on the depo shot for almost a yr when I was due to get the shot again I declined and that was Dec 09. Now in June I thought as the nurse practitioner told me that I would probably start my period as usual but alas no period just spotting and it didn’t come til the last day of the month. So I went back to dr at a different PP location and she tested me for pregnancy. I’m not. Took blood to check my thyroid and did my pap. Waiting for results. What is wrong with me? Shouldn’t I be pregnant by now. I’ve had two pregnancies one live birth one still birth so I have been able to conceieve. Why problems now? Just driving me bonkers. Any help greatly appreciated!

  14. Liz

    Oh my period in May came on the 12th and was due on the 14th. In june I expected it around the 13th thru 15th and never got it. 🙂

  15. Jen

    I had Unprotected sex on 05/06/2012 I spotted on 05/12/2012 less then 1 hr again on the 14th less then 1 hr and 17th less then 1 hr and last on on the 19th I took a pregnacy test on the 17th and the 19th but both were negative, Did i take the test to soon? I have normal cycles usually, could it be stress or am i pregnant?

    Here is your other comment:
    Add on above: MY last menstral cycle was 04/23/2012, we are trying to conceive but I hate getting my hopes up.

  16. Jen

    Add on above: MY last menstral cycle was 04/23/2012, we are trying to conceive but I hate getting my hopes up.

  17. chelley

    Can I ask my period was supposed to be 14th of the month but we have sex in 3rd of the month then I dont have period yet. I’m delayed for about 12 days.. but we are pretty sure that no comes inside. we dont use condom and he always doing withdrawal everytime we had sex. im not a sex active. then 8 days ago i found myself a spotting, it is a small amount of blood that comes from my vagina then after an hour it will last. then in the other day again i have it,..i used pregnancy test properly 2x but the result is negative.. what should i do. what is the cause of my blood spotting.


    My understanding is that you would have ovulated around the 1st – 4th of May.
    Then you would have had your period between the 14th and 18th. This could be when you spotted.
    Then if you spotted again you would be just finishing the spotting. It would be like a period that almost didn’t happen.

    I don’t know all of your specifics but if I think your cycles are getting weaker and you might be developing cysts. It will make your period lighter each month as the cysts grow until you don’t have a period at all.

    Withdrawal is all about luck but it is not birth control. It only takes 1 sperm.
    I believe you have a cystic or are polycystic. Consider Cycle Balance Cream (natural progesterone cream). Even if you don’t want to get pregnant you should get your body right again.

    Read on our site about taking temperatures. Knowing when you ovulate is a big help in situations like this. Also consider the Fertility Tracker.

  18. admin

    Hi Jen, I can certainly understand not wanting to get your hopes up. According to your dates you have reason to believe you are pregnant.
    Period on the 23rd of April puts you at ovulating around the 5th for a 28 day cycle. Let’s suppose you ovulated around the 7th instead. Spotting 5 days to a week later on the 12th could certainly be implantation. You spotted on Days 21, 24 and 26 of probably a 30 day cycle. That means that the other spotting times would give reason for concern since implantation spotting would usually only be once or for a second day as well.

    Are you using natural progesterone cream on these months that you are concerned? Consider Cycle Balance Cream or Happy PMS Cream and read about how to use them on their company sites.

    Please feel free to respond to this with more information. If you are pregnant, consider the progesterone cream to save your baby. If you would like help becoming and staying pregnant, use or contact form on our site and hopefully we can help. Blessings, Brenda

  19. Meg

    I have been trying to conceive since November of 2011. In the past couple of cycles I have had several days of brown spotting beginning one week before my period is due. This particular cycle I had 6 days of brown spotting up until today where I have bright red flow. What could this mean?

  20. admin

    Hello Meg,
    Many around the internet and in personal circles might say that brown spotting is normal. It may be common but it is not normal. The brown spotting is old blood. New blood that is being exposed to oxygen just before it leaves your body would be pink or red. The continuing brown blood and the fact that this is reoccurring says to me that your body is not contracting properly when it is time to menstruate and also that you probably don’t have much of a build up of the endometrium. These both point to diminished egg quality. Implantation spotting can be brown if it takes days to leave the body. If you are becoming pregnant each month and your body is not carrying the baby then you might have days of spotting from your body trying to hold on. Do you temp? Do you track your ovulation? Do a search on “temp” and read the articles that are there. I think this link should help. Please pass the link to this comment on to your favorite sites in order to help others. Write to us if you have more questions; I LOVE to help couples conceive.

  21. Carla

    I’m a little worried… I cant remember exactly when I ended my last period because i’m silly and don’y keep track, but it was between 7 and 10 days ago. Yesterday, and today I’ve had…well I’m not sure if it is spotting- It seems to be what has been described except heavier- not as much as a period but enough to stain. I know I’m not pregnant because i’m a virgin, so if you could help me? Oh and I’m 15, 16 in August if that helps. As I said, I’m little worried, should I be?

  22. admin

    Helly Sweetheart, Stay sweet and innocent. Good for you. You most likely are having cysts build up or have them and are bursting. Read about cysts on our site and how they apply to spotting. Do you have bad PMS? Blessings, Brenda

  23. Tina

    Hey I guess I’m experiencing spotting.
    It’s light brown and 2 days before more period.
    My boyfriend and I have protected sex and we don’t slip
    We use a condom properly, but I’m still worried.
    Could this be because of stress? I have been having cramping
    And my breast have been a little sore. Could this be cause I have been worrying ?
    Worried, I like kids, not ready to have my own.

  24. Tina

    By the way the last time my boyfriend and I had sex was yesterday morning (with a condom)

  25. admin

    Hi Tina, So good to know that you are using protection instead of wishful thinking. Brown spotting is just old blood. Sometimes that old blood is from implantation spotting and the timing of yours might be that. I won’t sugar coat that since pregnancy is not your goal right now.

    Though condoms are not 100% effective it is less likely that you are pregnant and more likely that you had some stress that caused a little bleeding or that your cycles are not as healthy. You could be experiencing estrogen dominance which can give pregnancy like feelings.

    Normal progesterone levels will balance estrogen until just before your period. At that time lowered progesterone will cause your endometrial lining to shed. Estrogen now causes your uterus to contract and release. If your uterus contracts lightly it will not force the blood down more quickly and it will turn brown as it makes its way down. That blood didn’t make it down quickly from your uterus and it turned brown with age whether it is pregnancy or just lower progesterone. Estrogen dominance is something to read about for future cycles if you are not pregnant. This can also be the cause of the cramping and sore breasts.

    Could you be pregnant? Yes. But because spotting can also come from estrogen dominance, stress, a small cyst or even a minor infection and you DO use protection so it is less likely.

    Feel free to dialog more on this and please do update our readers so that it can help them with similar questions and scenarios. Blessings, Brenda

  26. admin

    Hi again Tina, I think it is most likely that you stressed your body at a time that your cycle was off. Would love to hear your results.

  27. Sherry

    Hi. My husband and I are TTC #2. I had no problems getting pregnant with my first as it happened my first month off birth control. I have been off BCP’s, this time around, since April 2012. My cycles have been 32 days, on the dot, since stopping the pills and my last period was June 8. Each month, since stopping BC, I have had some mid-cycle spotting, but it doesn’t seem to corelate with my ovulation day. It is very light pink/red spotting only when I wipe and only 2-3 times/day. In April I had this spotting on CD 13-18, in May CD 9-11 and then again on CD 14 & 16, and in June on CD 11-12. Is this something to be concerned about? I am guessing that I ovulate sometime in between CD 17-19. Any advice you could share would be great. Thanks!

  28. admin

    Hello Sherry,
    I have three scenarios to present to you:
    1: Perhaps you are actually ovulating at these earlier dates and you have long cycles due to insufficient hormones to contract your uterus after progesterone has dropped. Are your cycles light? Do you have a small amount of bleeding? The spotting can be mittelschmerz which I’ll bet, by the way you write, you know about.
    2: It is possible that you formed cysts from the pill and with each cycle your body is adding to them. Your cycle can be long because of this.
    3: You could also be having very early miscarriages. The pill’s chemical hormones are very strong and don’t always leave the body easily. Progestins are stronger than your own hormones and you can be conceiving but the pill is an abortifacient and therefore you can even have been ovulating on the pill and it just did not allow you to carry.
    Here is a site that explains what the pill does if you read down on the page. Here is an excerpt about “break-through ovulation”:

    As the name suggests, a woman ovulates even though she always takes her daily dose of the pill, is not sick, and is not taking any other medications.

    Proof that break-through ovulation (sometimes also called ‘escape-ovulation’) does occur even under perfect health conditions was first shown by Dr. Nine Van der Vange, State University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, Dept. of Obstetrics. & Gynaecology in 1984.

    Dr Van der Vange’s research used high resolution ultra-sound which visually showed that women ovulate on the popularly prescribed low dose pill. A blood test confirmed that ovulation had occurred. The pill can have a break-through ovulation rate that can be as high as 17 ovulations per 100 women who used the pill for one year.

    Other researchers have shown that the low dose pill has an even higher rate of break-through ovulation of almost 27 ovulations per 100 women per year.

    My guess is that you are ovulating earlier than you believe. You may be menstruating later than you should. Consider either taking temps which will tell you a great deal or using a Fertility Tracker. The Fertility Tracker will actually be able to show you in plain site how your fertility is waxing or waning.

    Let us know if you need any help getting pregnant. There is another product I would like to suggest which will help get your hormones back in balance. It is called Female Hormone Balance. Blessings, Brenda

  29. Sherry


    Thank you so much for your helpful and informative comments!

    To answer some of your questions, no, my cycles are not light. They last for about 6 days, with 3 days of heavier flow, 2 days of medium and one light day. I do get mittelschmerz, which does seem to coincide with what I think are my ovulation days. It tends to start with light cramping/twinges on CD 13 and then gets stronger right around CD 17-19. I am using ovulation predictor kits, this cycle for the first time, and am currently on CD 14 with a negative test this morning. I will keep using them until I get a positive result. I am guessing that I just ovulate later in my cycle. My mom always had 30-33 day cycles as well, so it may run in the family if that is something that is hereditary. I am not temping, but am considering doing it next cycle if this cycle does not work.

    I was on the pill Loestrin 24, which is a low dose pill and has 4 days of placebo pills vs. the normal 7. I was not getting periods while on it, which the doctor informed me is very normal for this particular pill. I did get my period back right away after stopping it. If my body has formed or is forming cysts, is this something that will prevent pregnancy? If I had ovulated, while on the pill, would that have created an environment that helped cysts grow? I did take a pregnancy test at CD 30 last month and it was negative. If I was having early miscarriages, wouldn’t it have shown up as a slight positive before the miscarriage?

    Is the spotting worrisome enough that I should set up a doctor’s appointment or should I see how the next couple of months go first?

    Thank you, again, for your help!

  30. M

    Hello there! I’ve never posted on a site like this but here goes nothing. Yesterday, I found myself to be spotting. I assumed it was my period because sometimes it does come early due to stress, etc but I haven’t been stressed out. The spotting stopped for hours then started again. I’m sexually active with my bf, but this has never happened. I have a 25 day cycle and my period is normally right on time. The spotting is brownish red and there’s not much. Never been through pregnancy and not trying to conceive either. I’m just a bit concerned.

  31. admin

    Hi M,
    Tell me what day of your cycle you are at? You don’t mention any of that here. Tell me when you last menstruated; the date started and the date finished. Are you using protection? Did you go off the pill or pull out and believe you were safe?

    Here is what might be the case aside from those questions: If you only have a 25 day cycle then your cycle can be getting weaker. It is called Luteal Phase Defect and if not corrected then when the times comes that you hope to conceive it will be difficult or gone. Check out our tag called Luteal Phase and read those articles. Ask me more questions after you read them. Blessings, Brenda

  32. admin

    Hi again Sherry,
    Yes, cysts can and usually will prevent pregnancy. They cover one small part of the ovary at a time; depending upon how large the cysts are. Eventually, with ovulation attempts each month your ovaries do not allow the egg to break free and pregnancy cannot occur. Make sense?

    Actually, cysts happen when there is not enough of a surge to expel the egg from the ovary; pill or no pill. The more this continues the worse it becomes. It is very common.

    A pregnancy test can be negative quickly after an early miscarriage but I’m not sure by your comments that it is happening. If you don’t have growing levels of hCG then your test won’t register pregnancy.

    You are an informed woman and it is great to see how you think things through. Taking your temps would be a great way to see what is happening AFTER the LH surge/ovulation. 18 days of high temps will settle it.

    I would not worry about the spotting. It truly can just be your body adjusting to life without the pill. False Unicorn is great for clearing out the junk and normalizing your body. So is Female Hormone Balance. Progesterone is worth having on your bedside table for when you become pregnant; just in case.

    Let us know what happens. Blessings, Brenda

  33. M

    Hello Brenda,
    Thanks for your response. Last month my period started on May 5th and ended on the 10th. Normally with my bf I use a condom or the pull out method. The spotting began on the 22nd day of my cycle but my actual period began a day early. I’ve never experienced spotting since I was younger (couple of months after it started which is normal). I read the articles you’ve provided me with which has prompted me to see a doctor about it. Although i do not want children now, i hope to someday conceive. Not sure if my cycle is changing due to stress, being more sexually active, age (I’m 26), or other factors.

  34. laura

    Hi all, I hope you can help. I have been trying to conceive for 1 year. I came off the pill June 2011 my first cycle was 40 days and since it has been 31 or 32 days except Aprils which was 28. Does this mean they are irregular, I am unsure as they are coming monthly? I have used lh surge predictor kits and sex around ovulation but no luck. The last two months I spotted the day before my period. The first day of this cycle was 29th May and this Monday (25th I had a pap smear. I spotted afterwards. I didn’t on Tuesday but am again today. Does a smear bring period earlier? I would be greatful for conceiving advice. Thank you x

  35. admin

    Hi Laura,
    1: Have you ever used the predictor kit AFTER you thought you ovulated? The reason I ask is because some women have an increase in LH and then a decline and THEN several days later is the surge that actually causes ovulation.
    2: Spotting the day before a period when you are regular is often just blood on its way down and a little extra pressure or contraction pushes a little ahead. Even a strong bowel movement can do it. With that in mind, the swabbing for a pap smear would only expose some that might have been making its way down already.
    3: I always have to know what someone is doing for tracking AFTER ovulation; like a Fertility Tracker, Temping etc? Have you read any Fertility Charting articles here?
    4: If you are hormonally imbalanced it can be that you are not contracting strongly enough to bring down the blood sooner.
    5: What color spotting? How heavily do you bleed when you menstruate?
    Start there. Blessings, Brenda

  36. admin

    Hello again M,

    I believe that stress is blamed for a lot and in other cases not looked into a possible answer. In this case, you made a strong case that you are not stressed right now so I would go with your gut and not be quick to blame it.

    As for the pull out method, it only takes one swimmer and one “toe tapping little egg”. Consider that method AFTER ovulation and a condom before ; )
    Write to me if you have more questions. Bless you, Brenda

  37. laura

    Hi Brenda, thank you for your reply 🙂
    1. I am unsure about the first question, I don’t think so but it is possible.
    3. I bought a fertility tracker last month and haven’t used it yet. Could you advise when I should start. I have been spotting for 3 days only when I wipe and am unsure if this is the beginning of my cycle. I have done a HPT this afternoon and it was negative.
    4. I have to take iron tablets as I get very tired, I have had tests and am borderline anaemic but this has never affected my periods before. I am not sure if this affects anything. I haven’t looked at those pages but will tonight.
    5. Spotting has been when I wipe. It has been mostly brown or pink. But earlier today and early yesterday more red which made me think I was going to start my period properly but didn’t.
    I normally have medium periods with a possible heavy day in middle for about 4 days then spotting either side.
    Thank you for taking your time! Laura

  38. admin

    Laura, You are fun to dialog with and I’m sure that many after you can learn from this.
    (3)The Fertility Tracker is used every day of the month. Just read the booklet inside. Wake up, roll over, lick the slide and then go about your business. About 30 minutes later look in the microscope and match the results to what the booklet says is happening. Ferning ALWAYS means that estrogen is dominant AT THAT TIME. During fertile times when FSH is on the rise as well as LH, so is estrogen. Likewise right at implantation estrogen spikes again before progesterone should kick back in.
    (4)As for iron tablets that concerns me that you don’t have good flora unless you are approaching fibroid age. Alive Probiotics is great for restoring good flora – bacteria to your system which the pill could have robbed you of. B12 supplements will help with pernicious anaemia but only if you have a good environment. Iron is only covering up what is behind the issue.
    (5)So the spotting of course is a mystery until we know better about your actual ovulation. Brown: rarely ever a problem, Pink: on the fence but Red without your period should be starting but doesn’t is the concern. Did I ask? Do you have progesterone cream? I am starting to lean toward you have a slow rise ovulation which would make it longer from ovulation to the end of your cycle. Do you know about that? If you are taking pregnancy tests and coming up negative then that is usually definitive if your tests are strong enough. Take your temp tomorrow and the next few days and until your period full comes and let me know.
    You have an opportunity to use temping and the Fertility Tracker if you want this cycle; in order to validate your findings. That is, if you are not pregnant this cycle. Keep us in touch with what goes on. I care. Blessings, Brenda

  39. Susy

    Hello. My menstrual cycle last 23 days. On the 24th of this month June I was suppost to get my period I only spotted. On the 25th i got my period but it was very light. On the 26th i started spotting agian. Nothing happened on the 27th of 28th.On the 29th and 30th I started Spotting again. It is always a light brown mucusy color and it only happens like once a day. What can this mean?

  40. admin

    Hello Susy,
    I believe what is happening to you is that you might have or soon will have a luteal phase defect. Your cycles are getting shorter and less effective. When they get short enough, you will have a lighter and lighter menses until a month comes that you seem to have one long cycle. This is what happens with luteal phase defect.
    Now it could also be that you are pregnant and your body is trying to hang on to baby. The brown blood is old blood. That means that your body is not contracting hard which would force new blood down the cervix to the vagina. Do you use Progesterone Cream during the end of your cycle? The mucus has to do with a dominant estrogen. Your progesterone is normally lowest at the last few days and/or first few days of a cycle. BUT is this a normal occurrence? Do you normally have short cycles? Do you know when you ovulate? How old are you? Are you trying to conceive? Many answers needed to help you. Blessings, Brenda

  41. Shewquet taylir

    This is a awesome site. I too have some concerns about my last period started may 5 I haven’t gottne one et. Me and my husband had sex may 5 ,June 2,10,16,22. I had spotting in June 24 it was very light only lasted maybe a hour or less. Then again on July 2 which only lasted like a few mins or more. Both times very light no needing a pad. So what could it be. I haven’t taken any test yet.

  42. admin

    Hi Shewquet, Thank you for the kind words; I work very hard to keep adding useful information. Are you TTC? I’ll spell it out below so that others can see as well.

    May 5 period
    May 15-19 (possible ovulation days could be between CD10 and 14)
    June 2 (sex CD28)
    June 10 (sex CD36)
    June 16 (sex CD42)
    June 22 (sex CD48)
    June 24 (very light spotting – could be CD50 or somewhere around CD20 if you missed a cycle)
    July 2 (spotting CD 58 or around CD28)

    I need to know a few things. What are your normal cycles like: How long from menses to menses, how much bleeding, any mittelschmerz (painful twinges at ovulation), any pains otherwise and do you have bad PMS? Let me know so I can better help you.

    At this point I would guess 2 things could play out:
    1: If you didn’t ovulate due to poor follicle stimulation and low LH you might have grown a cyst small enough to allow you to ovulate the next cycle (or from the other ovary) and the bleeding is just the cyst popping from enough progesterone.
    2: If you don’t have a history of long cycles then I would say you missed a cycle (as with above) and that you are actually on day 29 right now. It means that you would have ovulated around June 17th and if so June 24 would look like implantation spotting and July 2 would be expecting your period or early miscarriage; depending upon if you conceived or not.
    If you are concerned about being pregnant and miscarrying then go to Cycle Balance Cream and order 2nd day air and they will ship it overnight. Anyone TTC should have it available and using it at the 2nd half of the cycle.
    You can also take your temps when you think you are pregnant. Above 98.4 every day is usually a good indicator, even if you have been temping all along. You can see the dip before a period no matter when you start temping; it is all relative. Bless you, Brenda

  43. Shewquet taylir

    We are TTc my cycles are normally 28 days. Normally it’s medium flow. But my last one was heavy and lasted for 6 days which was in may. No mittelschmerz. I don’t get Pms, my period normally don’t bring any pain. Hope this info helps.

  44. admin

    Hello again, I would temp for a couple days if you are concerned about being disappointed. Some women, understandably so, are afraid of one more negative. Otherwise, any day now would be time to test. The spotting early on, IF you are pregnant, would be the concern. Consider the progesterone cream. It is so healthy for a pregnancy that it is a win win. Blessings and baby dust wishes, Brenda

  45. Shewquet taylor

    Thanks for the quick response I will try to take the test this weekend and I I’ll share my results. Thnks again Brenda

  46. A

    Hi, I usually have regular periods although some months I can be a week or 2 late. I started my last period on 14th May and had sex on 2nd June and did the pull out method and am sure it couldnt have come in me. I am now 3 weeks late for my period and experienced spotting for the first time last week which would be 25-26th June one of those days. It only lasted 2-3 days and I am worried if I could be pregnant? I am beginning to stress out due to thinking about it.

  47. Girlconfuzed

    My hubby and I have been trying to concieve for a couple months. I used opk this month. I had many pg symptoms. Fatigue, sore bb’s etc. I have a very regular 28 day cycle and have taken 2 pg tests and they come back negative so far but af is due Wednesday this week. When i went to bed last night i was really bloated. Thought implantation might be occuring bc my stomach was cramping some. Iwoke up today with moderate bright/dark red spotting. I never have spotting in between cycles. I am 11 or 12 days past ov and was hoping for a positive but now just really confused. I am assuming that this is too heavy for implantation? It doesn’t seem like my regular monthly flow. I have 2 other children and didn’t experience bleeding with either. Is this cycle a bust or what?

  48. admin

    Hello Lil,
    Have you taken a pregnancy test? They are only $10 for 5 of them on our site and there is no better way to be sure. It is a good thing to have around for times like this. Beyond Fertility Catalog. By 3 weeks you would know.
    The spotting can come from your period late and also if you missed a cycle because of cysts. It can happen that you don’t ovulate one month or that it took a while to ovulate due to many factors. When you have cysts it will usually make your periods lighter over time and then skip a cycle. It sounds like this is happening to you.
    Pulling out is not at all trust worthy. It only takes 1 sperm and 1,000,000 of them fit in a teaspoon so only 1 has to make it. If your boyfriend and you don’t want to be pregnant and stressing try using condoms. You are playing with fire. Blessings, Brenda

  49. admin

    Hi Shewquet, Any results? Blessings, Brenda

  50. admin

    Hello Girl…,
    I am so sorry to tell you this. If it was implantation it would not be bright/dark red spotting sweetheart and wouldn’t be more than a dime’s worth. My thoughts without much more information is that it is your first month of spotting (since you have not experienced it before) or that you are having an early miscarriage. The symptoms can also be from PMS if you are not used to that. It can be from a shortened luteal phase. Either would explain the negative test because there would not be hCG hormone secreted without pregnancy or with a very early miscarriage, to produce a positive. How old are you? Did you do any temping to see if you had a pregnancy / implantation shift? When did your OPKs show ovulation?
    Contact me if you would like to talk about me helping you conceive naturally. So sorry. Blessings, Brenda

  51. Hannah

    I am ttc number 2 and am on my 4th cycle after I stopped breast-feeding. My first 2 cycles were 35 days long, the second cycle I had spotting for about 4 days (pink) then 3 weeks later I had my period. The cycle after that was 29 days long, no spotting. However I think my luteal phase was short in all 3 cycles so my doctor ordered 21 day testing. This cycle I’m on cycle day 20 and have had spotting on cycle day 18 and 19 so far. It’s been tiny amounts mixed with cervical mucus and light pink in colour. I should add that I (stupidly) took soy isoflavones cd 3-7 because I thought they might lengthen my LP. I don’t thunk I have ovulated yet, no definite positive opk and my temps are erratic. I guess I still may ovulate or may not for this cycle.
    I think the spotting in both instances must be from hormone imbalances but not sure what hormone – if it’s before ovulation what hormone could it be?
    I’m hoping that next month with no soy I go back to a normal cycle length again and get no spotting then I can see if my LP is short again. But any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  52. admin

    Hello Hannah, For some women Prolactin (the breastfeeding milk hormone) stays high even after stopping. It can be a matter of clearing out those hormones and just getting everything regular again. My suggestion for this is Female Hormone Balance. You can read about it at the product site which is Female Hormone Balance. com or you can find it at our Beyond Fertility catalog alone or in a pack that includes Cycle Balance natural progesterone cream which would be the next I would suggest. Natural Progesterone cream will help to lengthen your cycle. Or just the Female Hormone Balance. It is an amazing combination of balancing herbs; everything I have been suggesting for years for overcoming infertility or helping with secondary signs.
    Other suggestions, to add to your diet, is nutritional yeast from the healthfood store, (NOT the same as Brewers Yeast) and nuts and seeds like pistachios and sunflower seeds. Nutritional has a cheese-like taste and it great on buttered or oil sprayed popcorn. Kids love it too. We eat it almost every day. Wheat Germ Oil is also high in B6 and other healthful properties for fertility. It helps the pituitary gland to regulate hormones, as well. Hope this is all helpful. Keep us in touch and please send a testimony. Blessings, Brenda

  53. Shewquet taylor

    I have bad new I got my period on July 9 but we are still ttc right now I am waited for af but I don’t see her anywhere but hey maybe I might get Lucky this month because like before my breast are sore and now my sense of smell is really bad something’s I smell make me want to throw up and most things I eat or dring besides water has a free taste so wishe me luck if I see af I will come back to let you guys know. But I haven’t had any spotting this month just flight cramps/pain which I normally don’t get or feel

  54. Shewquet taylor

    Well I just took a test and I got a BFN 🙁 but it’s ok maybe it’s wrong but I am still ttc

  55. Shewquet taylor

    Now that I looked at my charts and thing I tested too early so if I don’t see af by the 14 I will test again

  56. Jo

    I had my tubes tied 16 years ago. For the month of August I only spotted for what I thought was my date for my period. It was light pink and one day it was a brownish color. It only was noticeable after I wiped. I still haven’t had a period and it is 18 days later. Is it possible to be pregnant? I have been feeling a little tried and sometimes a little nauseous.

  57. admin

    Did you ever test again? Please let us know if you are pregnant or need help.

  58. admin

    Hello Jo,
    I am so sorry I missed this one. Of course you know by now if you are or are not pregnant. My guess is yes. You probably also know that the tube tying doesn’t always last forever. I hope you have a doctor to monitor this. Blessings, Brenda

  59. Briana

    Sorry I put it as a reply but my comment wouldnt work. During my period it never flowed It was only there after I peed and wipped. It only showed up on the pad when I held my pee and it leaked out onto even then it was only a inch wide and around two inches long?

  60. Briana

    P.S If it wasnt a period I am two weeks late now.

  61. admin

    Keep us updated and let us know if we can help with reasons for spotting issues. Blessings, Brenda

  62. Danielle

    My last period was July 12, 2012 and my boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive pretty much since then. I have one child already who is 6 but getting pregnant and knowing I was pregnant was just a lot more simple then. For the previous 3 months I did get my period on the 12th, so May 12th, June 12th and then July 12th. So that would make my cycle either 30 or 31 days. I do not know when I ovulate or if I even ovulate. I was on the depo for 2 shots 2 years ago, my last one was November of 2010 and it messed my system up bad to where I had a serious decrease in estrogen for a year afterward and my skin down there was so thin and constantly ripping. It was a disaster. I say this in case it has anything to do with ANYTHING lol. So as of today I am 23 days late for my period, ttc, negative pregnancy tests. I held in my pee all night the night before last which was quite difficult just so I could get the most potent first morning pee that I could pull off. Now this morning I noticed this real light pink on the toilet paper and its been there a few times since…it’s now 7pm. When I say light I mean that if you’re not paying attention you might not even notice it. I don’t have cramps. Although I did have cramps quite a bit in my abdomen, hips and down my legs the past 3 weeks. I have been doing my best not to psych myself out and just let time pass so I know if we were successful. I don’t expect you to have the answers but I feel like I just need to hear that its still possible…that its not unheard of. I don’t know. I guess I’m just sad 🙁 Thanks!

  63. admin

    Hi Danielle, Trying to conceive is even harder when you don’t know when you ovulate. If you are having a 30-31 day cycle then you are heading in the wrong direction but we need to know WHEN in that longer cycle you are ovulating. If it is around day 17 then it is not as bad as if it is day 21 or later.

    Being on Depo-provera DOES matter and the capillary fragility “down there” is painful at minimum. False Unicorn root is very good for clearing that out of your system and I can suggest Female Hormone Balance to help get your hormones back in balance as well as to help with the longer cycles and you can find it at the Beyond Fertility Store. We have had two women with 30-31 day cycles in the last couple months take my advice and try it and are now pregnant. Another young women wrote that she had really bad cramps and acne and it has given her 3 days a month again.

    Now as for helping you. I LOVE TO HELP. I love to work one on one with couples who are willing to do what it takes. Are you game? So do you use progesterone cream? Do you have acne? Do you use any kind of aids to know when you ovulate? The Fertility Tracker is great because it is low cost and lasts forever instead of buying tests over and over or something expensive. The OvaCue Monitor is good but expensive.

    If you ovulated late then you could have implantation spotting which might be pink. I need to say that most likely you have a cyst or have skipped a cycle and the pink might be your period is starting to come slowly. That is common with cysts or a poor ovulation cycle. How old are you?
    Ask me anything you want. You can write to us using the comment form as well. Blessings, Brenda

  64. Danielle

    Hello thank you for getting back to me quickly. First, I just turned 26 last month. Getting pregnant before was never difficult. My first pregnancy was in 2005 and happened immediately. They were identical twins and they died by the time I was 18 weeks along. I had a D&E that September 30th and had a positive pregnancy test that December 9th and had my son the following July. So close to 7 years later now I suppose I thought it should be as easy. The spotting I have been experiencing since yesterday has become more frequent and a bolder pink. I have accepted that it is likely my period getting a slow start. When I think back in the past year it has happened this way before. I don’t really have a heavy flow. I thought I may have been pregnant this past May because my period was supposed to be coming the 1st but did not. It had come the 1st for a few months prior and this was when we had started not using protection and just seeing what happens. On May 12th I started to spot real light pink like yesterday then it turned to a dark brown, this happened for about 2 days then I started to bleed heavy with a lot of clots. I had awful cramps throughout my back and abdomen and even inside my vagina. When I was a teen I sometimes had periods that were crampy and clotty but it has been years since then. We wondered if I was having an early miscarriage. I never had a pregnancy confirmed so we just decided it could have went either way. The bleeding lasted for around 5 days. So then I had a normal period (quite light and maybe require the use of a few tampons for one day of it) every month on the 12th til I skipped Augusts. I have never been too sure on how to find out if I am ovulating and I really don’t want to have to spend money on a test constantly to see if I am. I have decided to start taking my temperature starting today and I’m going to do it the same time every day and write the results on my calender. I am hoping a regular thermometer is good enough for this. I have never heard of progesterone cream until I looked at this site yesterday. I want to know more about it and then I will get some. Do you think the remnants from the depo are still inside me? The last shot was November 2010. Now the cyst concern is something I have wondered about…oh I don’t have acne. I get a couple pimples on my face normally but that is it. I will sometimes get a couple on my chest and back as well but that is all. The cyst talk makes me think of my family history and how cancer runs rampant in our females. My mother had her last child at my age and a few years later had to have a hysterectomy. It has been the case with the majority of the females on my maternal side. I do not know much about my paternal side. The women have cysts, cancer in all the reproduction organs, double uterus, ovaries that do not work. I was hopeful that I could cheat genetics and not deal with anything but just in case I had always made it my plan to be done having children by the time I am 30 that way if something happens I don’t feel cheated. Do you think I should schedule an appt with the doctor now or should I go a month with taking my temperature and see if I ovulate? As to being on board with help, we definitely would be. Thank you.

  65. admin

    Would love to work with you personally if you would like. Blessings, Brenda
    Try as well.

  66. TnJ

    Hello, I had a question on spotting.
    I spotted very thin pink blood on 9DPO had it for maybe 10 minutes and then it was gone. My period was due September 25th and it is now September 26th. I had brown spotting on the 24th and it lasted until early on the 25th. Now it is gone and when I check there is a tiny bit of blood remaining on the cervix opening. What is going on with me?

  67. Bri

    So I have a question. My period has always been irregular, always a surprise what day I will get it. The last time I got it was Aug. 29, 2012. On Friday Sept 21 I began spotting noticing it when I used the bathroom. Today its Sept. 26 and I am still spotting. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? I had two ovary cysts a few years ago. Thanks

  68. admin

    Hi Bri, First of all, are you trying to conceive or just concerned about spotting? My guess without anything more to go on would be that you could be pregnant but have low progesterone because you are spotting. The reason I am concerned about this is that at September 21st you would be around 23 days into your cycle which makes it around implantation time if you ovulated around day 16 or a little later. Spotting for that long usually comes from a possible miscarriage, low progesterone from poor egg quality (read about luteal phase defect) or a small cyst that may have burst.

    Have you read about PCOS? If you have a history of cysts then my next thought, of equal concern, would be that you have cysts again or that you cycles are struggling with lower quality ovulation each month until cysts will return. You might consider what is called an NPC shutdown which would help you to heal your ovaries. Read more about it at

    Please keep us updated and consider at product called Fertility Tracker so that you can easily SEE when you will ovulate and better know how your cycles are working each month.

  69. admin

    Hi TnJ,
    My answer is similar to the one before this. You might consider a pregnancy test because what you exhibit could be signs of pregnancy.
    9DPO could be two things: 1: Implantation (are you sure of when you ovulated since it is usually around 5-7 days after ovulation that implantation takes place.) or 2: If you had pain at ovulation time that might indicate a burst cyst. In that case you could have had some bleeding then from a burst cyst and low progesterone will cause your lining to try to shed a little before your normal time of a period. That would be a short luteal phase. The brown spotting was old blood; not new.

    I am compelled to suggest that you consider progesterone, especially if you are trying to conceive. If you have cysts then you should do an NPC shutdown and if you are pregnant then spotting after implantation can mean low progesterone and a higher risk for miscarriage.

    Keep us updated and write again if you have followup questions. Blessings, Brenda

  70. Margarette Nayr

    my bf and i had sex after my last day of my menstrual period.we often use withdrawal method.after a week i always feel dizzy and i think i will vomit anytime. and now i am spotting light brown. i am expecting my menstrual period this it possible that i am pregnant?

  71. JB

    All the different websites I’ve looked at are just confusing me, they all say different things. I am 33 years old, my cycles are 28 days and very regular. I started my last period very early morning sunday Oct 14th…it was over on day 6. My bf and I had unprotected sex on the 22nd and 24th. I started spotting on the morning of the 26th (pink with very small spots of red) it was very short lived and a thick mucous. now I’ve just noticed a very light brownish discharge for the last 3 days and only notice when I wipe. I have never spotted like that between periods, why this month?

  72. neylisha

    my last cycle was on 27 sept and usually have 28-30 cycle…..i had sex on 1 october which was day 5 of my cycle….on 28 october i had brownish discharge and on 29 oct till today 3 november i have been getting very little blood(light one) that last for about half an hour per day..urine pregnancy test is negative….what this could be coz it has never happened to me….is it possible with my cycle to get preg on day 5 ?help please it give me stress

  73. gwen

    Hi. I have a question and I have been unable to find the answer. Perhaps you can help me?

    In April 2011 I had my first miscarriage at 11 weeks after 3 successful live births. Once my period started again I noticed that I had spotting until ovulation. Just a little bit of brownish mucus, but at least every day, which would stop as soon as I ovulated. (I chart both cm and temp)

    In Jan 2012 I was pregnant again, but miscarried in March at 13 weeks. I started following a vitamin regimen to reduce PMS and it lengthened my short luteal phase from 9 days to 12, but the brown spotting remained.

    In July 2012 I was pregnant again and again miscarried in August 2012 at 9 weeks. My luteal phase continues to increase, it was 13 days last month, but the spotting has remained.

    I will say that I haven’t been as good at keeping track of the spotting as I would like, because I was so upset that it was there. This past month after my 13 day luteal cycle I have continued to spot and today there was pink tinged bloody egg-white mucus. I am on cycle day 12.

  74. carla

    Hi..I was due to get my period anywhere between Oct 20-25.I started spotting a brownish pink.
    My last cycle was around Sept 20or so That is estimated I am not to sure. I have been lightly spotting pinkish/sometime looks mixed with mucus. I have not. had any really bad pain/cramping. Just slight that feels like gas, Now I am still spotting g but seems only in the am.and it does not do it all day. My breast are.very sore.and seem to be getting belly has also seems to be rounding off.My eyes seem dry and I have been hurting in my hip.every time I eat I get very nauseated.. it feels as if it is stuck in my throat…I am 34.thank you

  75. admin

    It sounds like pregnancy. Have you tested yet? If you feel nauseated so early you really want to make sure you keep your blood sugar level with protein before bed and that you have enough vitamin C in your diet. Also progesterone is able to level hormones at this time.

  76. carla

    I did test about a week or so ago…the control line didn’t even go across so and I couldn’t tell if there was a.pregnant line.
    I don’t know if maybe something may have been wrong with test??is it OK to be spotting?? It seems as if I spot like the morning after I have intercourse??thank you so much

  77. admin

    Have you had your period yet? If you are not pregnant then you may have a small cyst and missed a cycle. Can you keep us updated?

  78. admin

    Hi Gwen, I am so terribly sorry for your losses. I have mentioned it here before but I have had 7 miscarriages and I carry the pain of every woman here whose heart is breaking.

    I would like to write to you and help you along the way, from start to finish. Would that be OK? If so, please use the contact us link on every page at the top and we can start.

    Blessings, Brenda

  79. admin

    Hello Ney,
    My answer isn’t easy because I don’t know enough about you. How old are you for instance, will tell if you are low in estrogen and so your body is not excreting blood from the lining. It would also mean that you don’t have a lot of blood on your uterine lining. Estrogen helps your body to contract and release which makes the blood to flow. It sounds like your estrogen is low or your ovulation is weak. Do you know when you ovulate? That is the first thing to determine. Read about Luteal Phase Defect on our site and see if it makes sense to you. Low estrogen can come from a poor ovulation so progesterone, to strengthen ovulation, is usually the answer; not more estrogen.

  80. admin

    Hope I can help JB,
    October 14th – Day 1
    October 19th – Day 6 done
    October 22 and 24 sex (this is reasonable a time frame to conceive if you ovulated around days 26-28 – possibly)
    October 26th spotting (probably ovulation spotting and may indicate you are developing small cysts)
    October 28 to 30th might have been ovulation in a normal cycle. (Read about Luteal Phase Defect on our site. You may be ovulating later in the cycle and not know it because your cycle seems the right number of days.)
    October 27, 28 and 29 brownish discharge.

    My best guess is that your bleeding is from ovulation and that you, as I mentioned above, have begun to develop cysts which burst with ovulation this month. Don’t think of it as why this month but more like if you were beginning to have problems it would have to show up on some month; this may be THAT month.

  81. Amy

    So I’ve always had a regular cycle until this time. I’m 37 and had my tubes tied right after a c-section 5 years ago. This month I started 4 days late and it lasted just one day. Now the last couple days I have been spotting a little that is light pink. Could it be pregnancy or just my body changing with age?

  82. admin

    Hi Amy, It can be pregnancy of course. Taking a test is worth the few dollars because you don’t want to find out that you have an ectopic pregnancy. This is common after tubaligation. Light pink is a common sign of pregnancy spotting. At your age though it is common to start missing or weak cycles. My concern is more that you would become pregnant and not know. Hope that helps at all. If you are pregnant then I suggest natural progesterone cream, as you can read much about on our site, to make sure that you do not miscarry from low progesterone levels. Blessings, Brenda

  83. Amy

    Thank you so much and yes it does help. I will get a test tomorrow to rule out pregnancy. I would be ok if I was pregnant but devastated to have it be eptopic 🙁

  84. admin

    Hello Margarette, It is possible that you are pregnant but are you saying that this is normal for you to feel this way or only this time?

  85. I need an answer please

    Hi I have twin daughters before my girls my period was very irregular after my daughters where born my period became a normal 28 day cycle for the past two years now. I had unprotected sex with my partner now my period is 26 days late I’ve took 3 home pregnancy test and all have been negative. I was having many pregnancy symptoms but all stopped all I have now is very sore breast no bleeding or spotting at all till today I had sex and later on in the day I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was very light pink spotting on the toilet paper. What can this mean? Could I be preg? Could it be that my period became irregular again? I need answers please .. Thank you so much !

  86. Debbie

    Hi, I’m hoping you can help me! I am currently 39 & my cycle is usually very regular, every 28 days. My last period was on December 10th and on December 24th I began spotting. I spotted the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th. Then my husband & I were intimate the night of the 27th and I woke up on the 28th to bright red blood. It is not as heavy as my normal period nor when I miscarried 8 years ago but nonetheless it is enough to have me wondering why am I bleeding? Any suggestions?

  87. nikki

    I been having spotting for 7 days now and my period is 6 days late. Took 2 clearblue digital pregnancy tests at 5 and 6 days past time period was suppose to start and both were negative. I have no cramps, not nauseaus or anything. My periods are 22 days apart and only last 5 days. TTC for 9 months now and I’m 25 and healthy. I haven’t been under any stress or anything. Can you please help me with what may be going on.

  88. Kate


    Here is my situation: I was away on a trip and had been taking birth control pills regularly for three months. However, in early December, when my next pack was set to arrive, it was late and I was off my pills for a week or two. Then, when it finally got to me, I was stupid and just started the new pack without any regard for the normal start rules. So around December 21, I started spotting/getting a lot of brown mucus (that is my normal period time). My boyfriend and I have not had sex without a condom for months, and we always check it after intercourse to ensure there were no problems. (last time we had sex was Dec 21, again with a condom). My period has been light and more brown than anything else (some normal blood), and I have been attributing it to all of the hormonal shifts. I have had it for a week. I stopped my pill pack on December 24, working under the assumption that I will just have to be off the pill for a month, and start them again on the first day of January’s period. I just want some insight on this/confirmation that I have nothing to worry about.

  89. Kate

    I have read that brown spotting can mean implantation bleeding, and I would just like to know the probability of this possibility given my situation. Personally, I do not think pregnancy is likely, but would like other opinions.

  90. MichelledW

    Hi everybody
    I have very strange experience this month. I have a super regular 28 day cycle, never even once deviated in the last year. Using OPK’s, I also know that I ovulate around CD13/CD14. We have been TTC’ing for 5 months now, not tempting or anything else but OPK. This month I’ve had soooo many wierd symptoms. I usually don’t have any symptoms regarding af. No cramps, no sore boobs, nothing. This month some of the symptoms would include burning (like really bad for 10 minutes on 9 dpo) boobs, subtle pinches in uterus from 6 dpo, extreme hunger, etc. But what gets to me most is that I have had light pink watery spotting since yesterday (10 dpo) which lasted till today. All’s cleared up and I haven’t had any of the symptoms again. Tested this morning though (11 dpo) but BFN. Any thoughts? Oh yes, I’m ttc #1 and am 37 years old.

  91. samantha

    I am going to the doc the day after tomorrow to find out for sure but recently I’ve experienced something similiar . I started my Af december 17th and it ended the 21st. 9 days later I woke up and there was really red blood (sorry tmi) it want super heavy liked a regular af it just seemeddifferent to me. it lasted 2 or 3 days the last day it wasjust light pink.And now its gone. Im not sure of my ovulation day but I thought it was the starting the 26 to the 31 st being my ov day. I assumed it was ov bleeding but i just recently started tracking my cycle so im not sure if thus had happened before. i guess im looking for any input please

  92. admin

    Hello Samantha, Don’t ever apologize for TMI because it is helpful for figuring it all out. I want to help.
    Here is how it looks to me:

    Day 1 of your menstrual cycle was December the 17th
    Day 5 is the 21st
    Day 14 is the 30 really heavy bleeding; very red blood
    Day 17 bleeding, pink spotting and ended. (the 2nd of Jan)

    Day 13 was on the 29th of December and this was most likely ovulation. Did you take temps to chart your fertility and if so was there a dip and then a spike? My guess is that you had a large cyst as it lines up with the dates you gave us. They can cause a lot of bleeding. Getting rid of it is wonderful.

    If you are learning to track then check out our category about Fertility Tracking and consider a Fertility Tracking because it can help you to see what you cycles are doing as well. Are you tracking your cervical mucus, ferning, cervix or temps? I think everyone knows that we recommend natural progesterone cream for anyone TTC.
    Write to me if you need some help with it. Blessings, Brenda

  93. admin

    Hi Michelle, It is always difficult to tell from afar so let’s talk scenarios.
    My first question would be how is your bleeding? When you say no cramps or soreness, what IS your menstruation like?
    What do you mean by burning? Do you mean your urine (which can be urinary tract infection) or do you mean like heartburn?
    Have you ever tested with OPKs AFTER you got a positive? Do you have a lot of cervical mucus and does it come a second time? Sometimes a woman could have a rise and then drop and then a better rise but stop testing when she gets a first positive test. That can mean that what you think is ovulation does not happen until a few days later but goes undetected. That would put implantation at a later time as well.

    The pink spotting and negative test can mean pregnancy but that it is fragile. Not getting pregnant for 5 1/2 months always says progesterone cream to me because implantation may be sensitive. If you are having a hard time implanting then the spotting can be a “cry for help” Taking your temps is a good idea because if you are ovulating later or have a slow rise then your luteal phase is not as long as you might believe it to be.
    Let me know if you need more help. Blessings, Brenda

  94. admin

    Hello Kate, I will answer this on your other post but it is only implantation bleeding if it starts a few days after implantation and then disappears quickly.

  95. admin

    Hi again Kate,

    **I just want some insight on this/confirmation that I have nothing to worry about.**
    Since you are using a condom then most likely you are fine except that the brown spotting is never good so you might want to consider using only condoms. That won’t mess up your body and they aren’t abortifacient either.
    That is my take. Blessings, Brenda

  96. admin

    Hi Nikki,
    Can you tell me first what do you mean that your periods are 22 days apart. Do you mean that from Day 1 in one cycle to Day 1 in the next cycle is 22 days apart or that you bleed for 5 days and then it is 22 days MORE until your next cycle? That is important. If you have a short luteal phase you cannot stay pregnant. Have you read about lengthening your cycle with supplements and natural progesterone cream?

    Also, let me say that the spotting could BE your period. I could be that your uterus is not contracting and releasing strongly enough and therefore you might just have blood trickling down rather than a proper flow. This would also happen if you had weak ovulation and so then you have low progesterone.

    9months is awhile and I would love to help you if you would like something more personal other than just these comment areas. Blessings, Brenda

  97. admin

    Hello Debbie, Are you hoping to conceive? If so, then write to me about helping. If not then let me continue on the line you asked. If your cycles are normal AND your bleeding is normal than I would say that you developed a cyst on one of your ovaries. More important than how long is the cycle, is how healthy is your menstruation. Do you have a good flow each month? If you have a light flow then a cyst is most likely the culprit. It might indicate a lesser ovulation.

    The brighter blood after sex is most likely just that you were dislodging more of the bleeding from “movement”. Do any of these questions help you to evaluate things also? Blessings, Brenda

  98. admin

    Hello “I need and answer please”,
    Not knowing your age is a disadvantage for me but my concern is that if you simply missed a period last month, which CAN happen, that you may have had another cycle in the mean time and had unprotected sex at a time that NOW you are pregnant. Does that make sense? The motion of love making could have started the flow from implantation, your period, or even an early miscarriage and that would explain not having a positive test.

    A missed-abortion is when a women becomes pregnant and has a miscarriage but her body is not contracting properly enough to eject the baby. So then another cycle passes and with the next menstrual flow it comes out.

    Ask me any questions if you need clarification about any of this. Blessings, Brenda

  99. Carmen

    umm hi i had sex with my boyfriend a week ago and now there’s this weird brown stuff that only lasted an hour and then stopped.. my period isn’t supposed to start for another week or so.. do you no what this means?

  100. admin

    Hello Carmen, did you have a pregnancy test done? Sounded like you might have had implantation spotting.

  101. Brittany

    I’ve had a regular period my entire life, the standard 28 days between them and about a 7 day length. The last period I had was preceded by almost a full week of spotting, and it was about 5 days early. I’m currently spotting again, and my period is not due for another week and a half. I’ve taken pregnancy tests and they have been negative. What is wrong with me?

  102. brandy

    Hi i had my tubes tied almost 4 years ago. My periods are very regular lasting 4-7 days. I had my period Jan. 10 2013 today is Febuary. 2 and i noticed when i went to the restroom yesterday i had very light pink when i wiped then nothing the rest of the day or today until tonight i had the same problem what could this be im a little concerned about it being an ectopic pregnancy but im not late im early? any advise would help

  103. Greer

    My period was suppose to come Sunday Jan 27. Its been a week and my period still hasn’t came yet. I seen some pinkish spots I guess one day out of the week but my period still isn’t here.What does this mean???

  104. Tri

    I got my period on jan 16 and it lasted for one day
    Then on the 31 jan i got them again only lasting a few hours this time. I am usually bang on time and my period was due for the 24th of jan. i have a boyfriend and we have been havin unprotected sex.
    Could i be pregnant or what could it be?

  105. Asialea Pourner

    Ok I had a very odd AF on jan 9-jan 13, lightish and short. Then about two nights ago I had a nearly there pinkish brown spotting on TP when I went to the bathroom once. Checked my cervix and was high kinda hard and felt closed and so dry and tender up in there. Been having lower back back and sore nipples that i cant even youch them sometimes. craving peanut butter like its cool and ice. Now I have been having mild AF like cramps down in the pelvic area. I have taken 2 HPT and got BFN. I’m so confused. If I am pregnant is it to early to tell?? Or is my body just playing a very horrid joke on me? Please help me try to make some since. Thank you for your help

  106. nichole

    First off let me say that I am not on birth control and haven’t been in years. My periods have been pretty regular for the past two years, ever since i had my last child. Last month I spotted for about a day or two but never had an actual period. This month about a week and a half before I would normally expect my period I started spotting and have been spotting for about 8 days but not a real flow like a period. The spotting is not bright red but instead it started off pink and now its like a brownish color. The spotting hasn’t even been enough to use a pad I just see it when I wipe. I have taking 4 pregnancy tests, the last one just 2 days ago and they all say negative. Also, I haven’t had sex so it can’t be due to that. Is this normal and what are some of the reasons it could be happening?

  107. nichole

    Hello, I forgot to mention that I am 28 years old. I have lower back pain like I usually do when I am on my period. Another thing, about 3 1/2 maybe 4 months ago my husband and I had sex and not during but right after I had an orgasm I had a really sharp pain in my uterus area that last about 15 minutes or so. It was so bad it had me curled up in a ball and I got it to go away when I took a hot shower. It has never happened since then so I didn’t think much of it.

  108. admin

    Hello Nicole,

    You may have one of two things going on – could be others but I suspect either of these. It only takes one cycle to change something. The first thing is that cysts are common if your hormones have become unbalanced recently. You could have cysts and that would cause the spotting without a real flow. The other thing is called a missed abortion. That is when you have a miscarriage but your body doesn’t contract well or shed properly and so it is not until the next cycle that your body starts to shed the lining and your loss is seen then. It would not come out on a pregnancy test because you are no longer producing pregnancy hormones.

    I hate the term but that is more common than you may know. The brownish color shows that the blood is old. I hope this is helpful. Consider using progesterone cream (see our articles on this site) if you want to balance things out or Female Hormone Balance which is great for balancng hormones.

    Blessings, Brenda

  109. admin

    Hi again Nicole,
    The pain you had most likely came from thrust but could have been the contraction with the orgasm. All the more reason to believe you might have cysts. The hot shower definitely helped you to relax. Blessings, Brenda

  110. admin

    Tri, can you please look at your dates again. They do not make sense. To get your period and then be due again only a week later or two weeks later does not jive. Please write to us again with the right dates so i can help you. Yes you may be pregnant since you are not using condoms. Blessings, Brenda

  111. tina

    Okay to make it short I’ve been having brown and sometimes bloody discharge for the last week, and its not just a little or when I wipe after using the toilet, it shows up in noticeable amounts on my underwear. This can’t be implantation bleeding can it? I am just starting my last week of active pills.

  112. Anna

    My boyfriend and I are trying to conceive. My last period was January 2nd and I was due January 31. I have 29 day cycles and yes there has been times I’ve been late but its been no more than 3 days and now I’m 8 days late. We had unprotected sex twice during the time I was expected to ovulate. I began having sudden painful cramps that would last a few seconds and disappear (still occurring up to date). Today is day 8 and I noticed that when I wipe the tissue is pinkish. My nipples have been very sore and hard,I been very lubricated and in the mood. Help!

  113. Precious Moments

    I have many questions but first I’d like to give you some background information so that you may better assist (if at all possible). In 2003, I got pregnant with my daughter, less than a month after skipping my scheduled shot. I has a healthy child in 2004. 6 weeks after having her, I got a Mirena IUD and continued this form of birth control until 31 Jul 12 when it was removed because we are ttc #2. I should also advise that I am currently 30 years old and didn’t have regular periods during the 8 years I had the Mirena. On 20 Aug 12, I had an annual exam and had also voiced concerns that I had not yet started my period. During the pap, the doctor informed me that my cervix looked healthy and I was in fact ovulating. At that point, I started buying answer opks but they didn’t detect anything in Sep-Oct (I also didn’t have a period during that time either). My husband and I never use protection and have a very healthy sex life… especially during times when I think I have/may ovulate…lol! Anyway, so here is the most recent timeline leading up to my questions:

    – 7 Nov 12, my period returned with a vengeance for 4 days.
    – 3 Dec 12, had my period and began using clear blue easy digital opks. I received a positive opk on 21 Dec.
    – 3 Jan 13, got my period and opks did not detect ovulation that month.
    – 3 Feb 13, no period; 8 Feb 13, very light pink spotting when I wipe but not enough to wear protection and it never shows up on my underwear.

    My questions are:

    1. My cycles are 30-31 days long? Is this cycle optimal when trying to conceive? What are the concerns when you have a longer cycle as I do?

    2. What days should I expect to be ovulating since I do have this 30-31 day cycle?

    3. Where is my period and what could be causing this very light spotting?

    4. After reading the aforementioned, what concerns would you have as a women ttc and what would you recommend to improve my chances of conception?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  114. Tanya

    Hi I had my last period on the 8th January 2013, I was suppose to come on again on the 5th of this month but haven’t, today I have just started spotting very light pink not enough for a pad. Should I be worried?

  115. Laura

    Need answers! Ok, here’s my info: I have an approximate 33 day cycle, and it is very easy to tell when I ovulate. I don’t use any birth control at all except spermicide if I’m close to ovulation. My last period started on January 18, and I think I ovulated around Feb 1st. My hubby and I had sex with spermicide on the 2nd, and on Wednesday the 6th, I woke up to bright spotting. Nothing else that day until the next morning except for cramping like a bad period. It was red Thursday morning with a long, stringy bluish reddish wormy looking thing. I continued spotting Fri, Sat, and today, but today it is brown. I took an ovulation test Wednesday, and it was negative. Any thoughts? I have two children, and I have never spotted before.

  116. J

    My normal cycle is 24 days and my last period date is Jan 13. And there are 4 follicles in the ovaries on Jan 25(13th day). Since I had anti sperm antibodies, Doctor mentioned to have unprotected sex only for 5 days. Today(30th day), I had little spotting with brown color. No needing a pad. So what could it be. I haven’t taken any test yet.
    And one more question, out of four only two follicles are big. If I am pregnant. What will be happened to the other follicles.

  117. Jenna

    I had sex last weekend (with a condom and I am on birth control that I take between 9pm and 11pm every single night). I started spotting light pink on Friday (not enough for a pad) and I still am- I only notice when I wipe. I am due for my period this upcoming Friday. What could be the cause of this? I also have PCOS. I have never spotted before. I have been on birth control for 3 years.

  118. admin

    hello Laura, I don’t know exactly except to say that you bled at the time of implantation and that you may have become pregnant and miscarried. Did you have sex before ovulation as well? Spermicides, as you probably know only give up to 85% effectiveness. It is also common to get urinary tract infections and to pass infection back and forth with your husband which can cause bleeding in the vagina as well. Wish I could give you more definite answers. blessings, Brenda

  119. Brianna

    Hi! I am 25 and most of my life my cycles have been pretty regular. 28-30 day cycles, and each cycle was similar. Cramping, light bleeding on day one; heavier bleeding for two to three days and then it would gradually get less until it was gone. Lasted 6-7 days. Then about six months ago my cycles started going crazy. Anywhere between 21 and 36 days. One month it’s long, one month it’s short. One month I spotted two days, bled heavily the next and then spotted again for a few days. Last month I had no warning whatsoever and I was early (though it’s hard to predict these days)- I started with extremely heavy bleeding, no cramps, no leading up to it. I woke up with blood everywhere. This month, I spotted the day before yesterday, and I thought I was getting my period, but I haven’t spotted since. I went to a physical in November, and they did a pelvic exam and took blood for all kinds of tests. Everything seemed normal to him. I’m getting a little worried about this.

  120. admin

    The Nov 7 – Dec 3 is 26 days, then 31 and then 31 days again. Having a 26 day cycle is short, and a 31 day cycle is longer. Both are acceptable but anything longer or shorter would be the same. If your cycle is 31 days long then you would want to have ovulated around day 17. Some women ovulate around day 15 and have what is called a slow rise. Your period is light from a poor ovulation; a weak egg or low estrogen and low progesterone which is not allowing your body to contract and release the old blood. I would say that you should read our tag progesterone info and go to our store category natural progesterone cream and read about Female Hormone Balance to strengthen your cycles; to balance your estrogen and progesterone, follicular phase and luteal phase and to balance FSH and LH. All these things can be accomplished in this way and with these products.

  121. admin

    Anna, sounds like no help needed. You sound pregnant. If you are concerned then get progesterone cream to make sure you do not miscarry. Bless you, Brenda

  122. admin

    Hello Tina, the pill aborts so it can be that it was early pregnancy. It can also be that the pill messes with hormones as well. Blessings, Brenda

  123. nikky

    Okay so im trying to figure out if it baby or not… Help please!
    So i started the depo shot last year 06/2012 & that was over 10/2012. I never went back to get the shot again so i started a long period that lasted for like 2 months… Ugh!. . Okay that finally stopped like 12/2012 i didnt have anymore bleeding after that it just became brown like old blood. I went to the doc 01/2013 come to find out i had an infection so i got that cleared after no bleeding. I ended up sleeping with a friend 01/28/2013 & starting like 2 days ago i been seeing spotting its nothing i could use a pad or tampon for but its light pink & wipe away type what could it be?

  124. admin

    hello Nikky, It sounds like you are your friend are possibly going to have a baby. I suggest you get a pregnancy test. Blessings, brenda

  125. admin

    Hello Jenna, Spotting on the pill is usual in that after being on it so long your body can be having breakthrough bleeding. It can also be pregnancy or the pill causing you to abort. Those are the best answers I have. The timing is common to implantation. If you care about not losing a baby if pregnant then consider going off the pill; at least until you are sure. Blessings, Brenda

  126. admin

    Hello J, Did you take clomid or something like it? The others can become fertilized if they mature into eggs at the same time. You can have quads. I would have to say Congratulations since brown blood is old blood and it shows you are not freshly bleeding. Consider progesterone cream as the best precaution to a miscarriage. Blessings, Brenda

  127. admin

    Hi Brianna, (I changed your name so don’t worry.) I am concerned for you because it sounds like you have a very unbalanced and that your ovaries are not ovulating evenly. Here are some articles on our site about luteal phase defect. I would be happy to work with you to get your cycles healthier. Read the other comments about Female Hormone Balance and look up articles on our site also about Progesterone Cream. Blessings, Brenda

  128. admin

    Hello Asialea, If you had a period on Jan 9th, that was 26 days before you wrote to us. Then your spotting started at around day 24. If you had a light period the following month, it feels more like you are developing cysts than pregnancy. If you ovulated later than mid month you might have been implanting around day 21 – 24 so there is a chance. You would only be very early pregnant. Take another test around now if your period does not come and get some progesterone cream to make sure you don’t miscarry IF you are pregnant. Your craving for peanut butter would be premature and hopeful but eat it at night so you have protein before bed if you find you are pregnant. Blessings, Brenda

  129. admin

    Hello Brandy, if you are concerned I suggest you get an appointment but it can be spotting from early pregnancy without being ectopic. Have you reason to believe that is it? Consider this category for reading more:

  130. admin

    Hi Brittany I cannot tell if you mean there are two cycles here you are talking about or 1. Spotting before a period can be pregnancy spotting but if it is every month then it can be that your cycle is getting shorter but it looks like it is just spotting. Read about Luteal Phase Defect.

  131. Lisa S.

    Hello I have been spotting off and on since Jan 21, 2013. So I will give you some back ground. I started my period when I was 9years old. I was extremely regular with a 7day period every month up until I was 12 then it was every other month. Didn’t think anything of it because I was 12 living with a single dad and didn’t know it could be a bad thing. Well at 13 I finally said something to my DR. he put me on bc. My periods became normal again. So when I was 15 I stopped taking them since they caused me to gain a lot of weight.When I was 17 my periods started irregular again. But it was still every 2-3 months. But then started every 6 months. So I got back on bc But husband and I want to have a baby. I have been off of birth control for 2 years and my periods are not regular still every 6 months. Well November I had my period regular 7 days and then December had my period 7 days. Well on January 21st I started spotting, only when I wipe. It is now February 13th and I am still spotting. It is very light pinkish sometimes with a clear discharge. I have been very moody, waking up in the middle of the night starving, and cry at the drop of a hat. Is it possible I could be pregnant or is this something serious I need to have looked at?

  132. Sam

    I had my son 14 months ago and i still have had no period, i Breastfed for 10 months, I had some light spotting only when i went to the bathroom, it was a real light brown and was only for 2 days on the 10th and 11th i did a test on the 13th (yesterday) and it was neg, i don’t know if I’ve done it too early, I have no idea when my period is due as i haven’t had one since my sons birth, my husband and i don’t use any protection as we want to have another baby. I haven’t had any other bleeding this is the first time. I would just like to know if this has happened to anyone else, could it possibly be implantation bleeding (i didn’t get it with my son, so i don’t know what it looks like), and if it is implantation bleeding did i test too early?

  133. admin

    Hi Sam, My guess is that you had implantation spotting and so it was too soon to test. I would like to suggest the Fertility Tracker to you. You can see your patterns of fertility waxing and waning until you finally ovulate. One thing I would also suggest is considering how much dairy you use. Here is an article about how dairy affects fertility. If your prolactin stays high then it will suppress progesterone and LH and you won’t be able to conceive. Consider using progesterone cream to suppress the prolactin; it will help with possible miscarriage as well. Consider B6 if you want to add something else to lower the prolactin. Here is another article; having to do with B6 and its benefits. I would get progesterone soon. Blessings, brenda

  134. admin

    Hi Lisa, I would love to help you. It will be a lot more helpful by email so i will send you one. For the sake of this comment online, when I hear that someone got her period at 9 I automatically question the levels of testosterone. Do you or did you have a lot of red meat in your diet as a child or were you very involved in sports? Have you had your hormones checked? You should start by having your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone checked. Here is a link to have your hormones tested. You can test up to 8 hormones from 1 test tube. It is worth the expense and we discount ours. Blessings, Brenda

  135. Amber

    I stopped the pill in July 2012. I miscarried naturally at the end of Nov 2012. I spotted afterwards for almost 8 weeks until I got my period on Jan 18 2013. On Feb 16 I started spotting for about a week. I thought the spotting was going to lead to my period but I never had a regular flow. The spotting was mostly brown. I took 2 negative pregnancy tests during this time. I started taking estrosense the morning of Sat March 2 and later that evening started spotting again! I am still spotting 2 days later. It is mostly brown with some red. My husband and I have had unprotected sex. I’m 26 years old and have only had the one pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.

    Thank you for having this website and responding to so many people’s concerns!

  136. Racheal

    Hey Im always normal on my period usually around the 15th well two weeks before my period was due I had unprotected sex(he went of in me) now a week before my period I was spotting then now I’m spotting again cramps but it’s only like a line on my pad. Is it an early period or can I be pregnant? Thanks

  137. Adreana

    I have a question. I started ovulating on or about the 12th of March. According to my fertility traker I stoped ovulation on or around the 17th of March. The very next afternoon I started to spot very lightly. It was a watery pinkish color. I’m just wondering what that means. That has never happened before. My mentral cycle is always on time and I am trying to get pregnant so I don’t want to get high hopes :-/ any help will be greatly appriciated.

  138. randi

    I am 26 have three children. I had my tubes tied in 08 after my c-section. I’m married. My period is always on time 28 cycles. It was supposed to come on the 7th and it came early on the 28th. Then 15 days later I spotted it was stringy mucus with pink blood. I have never spotted or stated early. And I have really heavy periods. What is going on?

  139. Kerry

    Hiya i was wondering if i could get some advice. Me and my husband have been trying for our 2nd baby for nearly a year now i don’t want to keep getting my hopes up and then being let down.I’ve been really confused this week as we’ve been having intercourse quite a bit lately but normally 1-2 times a week I’m due my period at the end of this week but sometimes I’m early. On Saturday when i wiped there was a smudge of very light pink blood and cloudy discharge i thought it was an early period starting but then had nothing until yesterday when it happened again with a tiny bit of red in it but again nothing has happened since i normally get really bad pain before or when i start but I’m getting little twinges of achiness in my abdomen I’ve had a painful back and been getting really hot the past week i took a test and it’s negative but i don’t know if it’s too early I’d just like to know if it’s possible that i might be or becoming pregnant as my periods don’t normally change i don’t want to keep searching the internet and convince myself i am I’d just like somebody to talk to xx

  140. Kerry

    Hi i know i havnt been answered yet but i figured out my dates and I’m actually 5 days late for my period I’ve had 2 negative tests but with my son i tested a week after i spotted and got a negative i didn’t find out i was right until 12 weeks is there a chance this is happening again?? As my body never does this xx

  141. Jen

    Hi my husband & ii been trying to have a baby… & I believe my last menstrual period was middle part of February and on march
    I never have my period and then on April 2 I have spotting. Is it possible I could be pregnant?

  142. admin

    Hi Jen, the middle of February would bring you to the end of February for ovulating. That means that you would be ovulating again around the last week of March and the spotting might be implantation spotting if you are pregnant.

  143. admin

    hi Kerry, It is always possible that you are pregnant when you are five days late but if you have a history of negative tests then you should consider it even more.

  144. admin

    sounds like implantation bleeding.

  145. Janelle

    I consistently have mid cycle bleeding (very light flow, but enough for a pad, usually brownish and gloppy). I have used opk’s to determine if it was ovulation related while I was TTC my last baby. It occurred 4-5 days BEFORE pos opk. My baby is now 19.5 months old and I am on cd23 of cycle #2 post partum (still breastfeeding) and the pattern seems to be returning. I had pink tinged EWCM on CD17, then very light flow (brown and gloppy) cd19,20,21, and half of cd22. Today I am getting normal ewcm indicating ovulation.

    Before I conceived baby (#3), my doc was ordering an u/s to check for uterine cysts. Early u/s of the pregnancy did not show cysts present in the uterus. What could be causing the bloody discharge? BTW, this was not my normal cycle pattern before pregnancies #1 (live birth),#2 (m/c), #3 (live birth). It started 8 months after I ended breastfeeding #2 child. 3 calendar months before conceiving #3 child). I am 30 years old and my thyroid is functioning at normal levels.

    Thanks for your help.

  146. Kerry

    So i messaged a while ago.
    I experienced a light pink cloudy mucus a couple of times 10 days before my period. My period was 8 days late but i had one. For the past 2 weeks my back has been achy and i can’t stop peeing even only 10 minutes after a drink also the past few days my breasts feel weird they don’t hurt but they feel bigger and sensitive but the nipples don’t. With my first pregnancy i had some spotting but thought I’d scratched myself or was starting my period, was late one my period so took a test it was negative then came on my period 10-12 weeks later i found out i was 10-12 weeks pregnant. Like i said before my body has only done this once and it turned out i was pregnant. What’s the chances that I’m experiencing pregnancy symptoms and the same is happening again??

  147. admin

    Hi Kerry, You may have had what is called a missed abortion. Being against abortion, I hate the term but it means when you are pregnant and the baby dies but you don’t shed the uterine lining UNTIL you ovulate again and then menstruate. You can actually get pregnant again before you shed the miscarried baby. It is more common than people know. Often times the miscarriage doesn’t show until weeks afterward. With low progesterone the uterus may not be contracting.

    So all that to say that you might have miscarried and are newly pregnant. Consider progesterone cream to prevent miscarrying again.

  148. admin

    Hi Janelle, You might have me stumped. See if any of this makes sense since I don’t know what CD day you are when you say TODAY. Is it possible that you are actually miscarrying? Brown blood means old blood and the breast feeding can certainly have a part in impaired egg quality. Also, when progesterone is low, and estrogen begins to rise, the uterus can contract and expel old blood that didn’t come at the time of menstruation. Do you have any pain? A fibroid would have shown in the ultrasounds as well. Lastly, small cysts may not have shown up and they can burst which can cause brown bleeding. Let me know if we are on to anything here. Blessings, brenda

  149. admin

    Hello Randi, did you test for pregnancy? What was the result? We have had too many comments to answer all but I was concerned that you may have had a tubal pregnancy. Are you ok?

  150. admin

    Hello Adreana, Spotting at ovulation is called Mittleschmerz. It is common when the egg bursts from the ovary. Usually the blood is just absorbed. Do you still need any answers?

  151. J

    Hi, I have been spotting the last few days, I finished my period about 5 days ago, and have been suffering from chronic lower abdominal and back pain, I usually don’t spot but I’m on the implanon and because I kept bleeding my doctor stuck me on levlen ed, my periods when I first started the pill were like when I wasn’t on anything just normal. A bit on the heavy side but normal for me, over the last 4 months they have gotten really light, and I’m worried because now I’m spotting when I shouldn’t be, I had a miscarriage last year in march and it wasn’t anything like this, but I’m worried because of the pain and now spotting something might be really wrong, can you give me any advice?

  152. admin

    Hi Jade, Does your pain come from one side or another? Has your doctor checked for cysts? Have you read the materials about your specific prescription? The other thing is do you have constipation? For some, a stronger pill, which is what he put you on, causes constipation which can cause pressure on the way down.

  153. Nichole

    Hi, I’ve always had normal periods that last 3 or 4 days and come around the same time each month. I have two kids and with them i never had a period so it was easy to predict pregnancy. Well me and my fiancée have been very sexually active the past months. Well in January i was suppose ta start my period around the 7th but i missed it and took 3 pregnancy tests that me out negative. Then in February i started my period on the 6th and it lasted till the 9th. On March 11 was the last day we had sex(always unprotected) and I Started my period on the 15th and ended it on the 18th. Well this month on the day of my expectant period i wiped and it was light pinkish throughout the day but nothing coming out (spotting before or after period for me isn’t normal) and i was nauseous the whole day and even threw up a few times! then the next day i bled through my underwear and changed put on pad expecting to start my period but nothing came out after that not even spotting. And still no period it’s been two days since last incident ..could i be pregnant even though we haven’t had sex in a month and i started shortly after?

  154. Marita

    Hi there,

    I’m actually afrikaans, so excuse my english. I am 38 and already went for 6 invetro’s. All off them unsucsessfull. 3 Different types of Fertelity docters later. The last year I started to spot from day 11 till my menstruational cycle… (28 – 30 days). Some month no spotting or just for 2-3 days. I realy think i have a progesterone sortage. I went to a professor in Cape Town that tested my immune system before my last inventro (Feb 2013). He gave me a Covecort tables & I had to dush with plain yogurt mixed with a probiflora tablet (0.5)… every day.

    Please don’t suggest I must go and see a doctor, I really think I must just start with some of your products… At leaset for 2/3 months.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  155. Sibyl

    I had a very heavy period in Feb which lasted for 14 days. After the period I started spotting about 5 days later, I have been spotting since then. I went to see my doctor she did an ultrasound there was nothing abnormal. I was given birth control to control the bleeding, but that didn’t help. I see a different doctor and was given Provera which is suppose to stop the bleeding then force a period but I’m still spotting. what could this be?

  156. Courtnee

    I started spotting the morning of the 20th and stopped on the 21st. It was sort of dark, I thought I was starting my period but my period isn’t due for 6 more days. My periods are always regular and on time. This has never happened to me before. My fiancé and I had sex about a week & a 1/2 ago. Could I be pregnant??

  157. J

    Both, and most the time it’s really bad, it has still kept going for ages and the bleeding is too, it has gotten heavier since I last wrote, and I know I’m due for my period soon, but it’s like I already have it! I know I have a cist on my bladder that’s is 17mm but other than that I don’t think they found anything else, I had an ultrasound done months back when the pains first started but nothing was recovered! So I’m not sure but tonight the pain in unbearable, and everytime I’ve been to the hospital all they do is a blood test and send me home! I don’t know what else to do, I can’t take pain relief because I am allergic to alot of them and the ones I’m not counteract with other medications I’m on, it’s getting really bad! What can I do?

  158. Nora

    My husband and I are trying to conceive recently. I had spotting 12 days before my expected period day and it went on until my period came! I did HPT days ago and was neg. Called my doc as I thought it was bcz of the pap test that I did that day but she said its not bcz of that (result of pap test was neg too). I have no symptoms of pregnancy at all. What could this be???

  159. Stephanie

    Hi, I have been spotting for 8 days now. I started on April 22. For the past 7 months, my period has been coming right on time…the 21st of every month. The spotting only appears when I wipe and the color varies from a brownish red or a light pink. I stopped using birth control last September and my boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive ever since I stopped using the birth control. Do you have any advice or thoughts about this? thank you.

  160. lee

    Hi…i am new in this site . I think admin can answer my question. I am TTC wife. My question is if i am preggy or what? my cycle is regular always. It is 29cd. but last month it came out 25cd. Here it is ..Jan.11, Feb 9, March 10.then last month April 4. and it is not actually like my period. It is ligth bleeding for 2days with light cramps lasted for a seconds. And this month of May 4 i had spot on my undies it is pinkish and brownish in color. And when i wife with tissue it looks like a mucus in same color as i said. Last few days i feel fatiuge and dizzy last 2days i feel sore breast. I don’t feel it before in my past period. Am i pregnant ..?

  161. lee

    our comment is awaiting moderation. 
    May 3, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    Hi…i am new in this site . I think admin can answer my question. I am TTC wife. My question is if i am preggy or what? my cycle is regular always. It is 29cd. but last month it came out 25cd. Here it is ..Jan.11, Feb 9, March 10.then last month April 4. and it is not actually like my period. It is ligth bleeding for 2days with light cramps lasted for a seconds. And this month of May 4 i had spot on my undies it is pinkish and brownish in color. And when i wipe it with tissue it looks like a mucus in same color as i said. Last few days i feel fatiuge and dizzy last 2days i feel sore breast. I don’t feel it before in my past period. Am i pregnant?

  162. Desiree

    My period isn’t due for about 4 days. Af visited last month on the 12 and I should start either the 9 or 10th of may. So I’m about 10 dpo and earlier I experienced cramps and light spotting(very light pink almost watery)believe me i was looking for it. All of sudden it stopped and nothing else. What could this possibly mean ?

  163. Liz

    I’m 43, only pg one time at 40 ( lost twins at 10wks). Cycle has been pretty regular lasting 31 days. Had spotting for two wks in Jan resolved on its own. Hormone levels “WNL” as of late March. LMP was 3/24/13 started OPK’S around 4/3 and didn’t test positive until 4/13/13. Anyway on day 37 started spotting light red/ pink x 4 days. Have been tired, very slight nausea, headache today, and oddly pizza smelt not so good tonight. Breasts are some sore but not bad. When I was pg before they hurt! Can you guide me here. Oh and no I have not tested because I’m a chicken and hate seeing negative. And one more thing, right above my pubic bone is firm and its not very comfortable to sleep on my stomach which is how I normally sleep.

  164. Liz

    I don’t understand, my email is waiting moderation

  165. Lucy

    I am 44yrs old and semi BF my 17 month old toddler. I restarted my cycle after pregnancy Feb 2013. My last cycle started April 30 and ended the 6th. I had expected it two days earlier and I stopped bleeding two days early so on the 4th. My husband & I had intercourse on the 7th, 8th & 9th & 11th. I started spotting the early eve on the 12th and today the 13th. The spotting is bark brown so I would usually expect this just to be old blood that was just left in my system but it feels like the starting of a period, pressure in the uterus and maybe light cramps. I have had implantation bleeding but this is different. Plus it seems too early for IB. Can you give me any advice on what this may be?

  166. Jade

    Hi I thought I replied but musnt have, it’s lower abdomanal pain, sometimes goes around to the back, as I’ve said I have a 17mm nodule in my bladder, which they don’t know what it is, but my doctor doesn’t think that is causing the pain, she actually very puzzled all the doctors I’ve seen are! Even at the hospital, all my blood work and urine is clear so they say its nothing major but the pain keeps getting worse and worse my doctor thinks it could be Endometriosis, which I’m goin to the gynaecologist in June and my doctor said to mention that’s what she thinks it is and that they will probably do a Laparoscopy, to check everything out, I am a bit worried that its Endometriosis because one of my cousins has it, I usually go looking things up on the Internet but this time I couldn’t bare myself because I don’t want to know what it is, I know it can cause you not to have kids which is my worst fear!

  167. admin

    Amber, please write to me again. I would like to help and I am sure I sent an email to you to work with you on this. Blessings, brenda

  168. admin

    hello Racheal, I would say that you need to take a test. It sounds like pregnancy even early miscarriage if the spotting has continued.

  169. J.S

    Hey There

    I am 24 years old I stopped using the depo shot 2 yrs ago and my period came back on a regular basis for a while, then about 6 months ago its started to become eregular and when I think I have my period it is very very light and for tops 3 days and now its just a light pinkish mucus only when I wipe and its on and off for about 3 weeks now my man of 2 yrs says its odd and is also wondering if its odd too? I have a 2 ahpt and one doctors pee test and they came back negitive but that was about 2 months or so ago…. please help me figure this out would love to know whats going on…. kids would be nice in the near future

  170. caitlin

    period was 06/12/13 lasted 2 days then just stopped came back a day or two later but just light spotting. my husband and i had sex 06/18 after spotting had gone and afterwards i noticed a little bit of pinkish spotting. today 06/20 i have a watery brownish discharge that smells very strange. i do not have an std. and my breasts have felt heavy/ tingly/ and hurt so bad today. i didn’t think i was pregnant cause i got my period but my breasts have been like this since before my last cycle on 6/12. very strange for me this has never happened before. im going to buy a test tomorrow just to be sure but if anyone could shed some light on this i’d really appreciate it.

  171. Nvinson1982

    I don’t know what happen to my last post. But here I go again my husband and I been ttc unbeknownst my much over do implantan was still active after being 2 yrs over do for removal. So on June 10 I have it removed. My doctor said I shoukd be able to conceive. I had my period May 30- June 3 the the 10th I had the birth control removed. The 14th I got married and the 15th I was bleeding lightly. Light enough not to touch the pad but heavy enough it was in the toilet and all over the toolset paper when wiping. The 16 I was spotting not real reason to have to wear a pad but I did so anyways. My husband and I have intercourse on June 9,10,11,15,17,18,20 do u think I could be pregnant?

  172. dabest

    I had my tubs tied. Its been over 15 months and. I finished my period. A week ago. But for two days ive. Been spotting light pink what does it mean anybody

  173. admin

    Hello Liz, How did this work out? We get so much more mail and comments than anyone knows and cannot keep up with them all or read them all in time. I am very sorry that yours went unread.

    It is 6 weeks later and I would love to help you. I want to suggest that you consider a Fertility Tracker or taking temps along with the OPKs if you want. They will tell you so much more; positive – negative is not enough when every cycle counts. Also, do you have progesterone cream on hand for when you do become pregnant.

    Blessings, Brenda

  174. admin

    Hi Jade, How did the tests go? Did you find out what the problem is? Don’t be afraid to test. It will help us to help you if you know what is causing the problem. Then you just apply natural methods for overcoming and to help have a healthier baby. blessings, brenda

  175. admin

    Dear Lucy, I am sorry I missed this with what feels like a million emails coming in with questions.
    You would not have had implantation bleeding so early in the cycle. It sounds more like a burst cyst. That would cause that kind of bleeding. The other thing is when there is a missed abortion which means that you got pregnant and miscarried but didn’t shed the baby. The next cycle comes and you ovulate and then the contractions cause the baby to finally dislodge and abort naturally. I am not confident about this situation but more confident that you had a cyst form and that this cycle it burst.

    Anything you want to share about what happened? Blessings, Brenda

  176. admin

    Hello Nvinson, Congratulations on your marriage. I have been married 23 years at the end of June and it is great. The spotting was clearly from the removal of the IUD and if it left any scarring then it could have continued off and on for a little bit.

    The removal of the IUD or Implant does not mean that you can get pregnant the next day, week or even month. It may leave chemical hormones still in your body, circulating and for some women it takes a while to conceive after birth control. Are you tracking your symptoms of ovulation; cervical mucus, ferning, OPKs or temperatures?

    Have you become pregnant since you wrote us? Let us know. Blessings, Brenda

  177. Lauren

    Hi, I am having some strange mid cycle spotting and was hoping you’d have some advice. I’ll be very thorough with details so please do not mind the mini novel.

    Here are my cycle lengths for the past 6 months of menstrual cycles. Also the days that I get a positive OPK and an egg symbol on my clear blue fertility monitor. I do not temp so I do not know with absolute certainy what day I actually ovulate on (if at all).

    44 day cycle (+OPK day 34) (This was my first post partum cycle)
    33 day cycle (+OPK day 21)
    29 day cycle (+OPK day 18)
    29 day cycle (+OPK day 18)
    28 day cycle (+OPK day 18)
    32 day cycle (+OPK day 19)

    Obviously I am on the shorter end for my luteal phase so last month I ordered the cycle balance cream and started it after I got the +OPK. It seems to have lengthened my cycle a bit. The problem is that for the past 3 cycles, I have had watery pink/red spotting for 48-72 hours starting a couple days after I get the positive OPK. I’m actually having it now during the cycle I am on and this time, I am getting mild cramping with it. I got the positive OPK on day 20 of this cycle and I am currently on day 25 and have been spotting for the past 48 hours. I did have a problem with low progesterone during my last pregnancy and had to take progesterone. My levels were only a 5 at my first prenatal visit.
    Any ideas what could be going on? I am worried. I have never had this happen to me before.
    Thank You.

  178. Jade

    I’m going in for a laparoscopy on the 12 of July, and other tests for my kidneys to rule out both endometriosis and kidney problems (which I’ve had most my life) but none of it explains the bleeding. Either way I shall know more soon.
    Thanks for your help.
    Kind regards.

  179. Sam

    About a week after I had a normal period I had brown spotting for about a day and a half. Later that week I had mild cramping. My next period was a little late but mine usually don’t start on the same day every month. I started but it was very light and red, signalling fresh blood and I had some light bad cramping that came and went. But, the spotting/light bleeding only lasted a day. I didn’t even bleed overnight. Which is very unusual for me. I usually have very heavy painful periods. Its suppose to be day 3 of my period right now and bleeding nor cramping has come back. I’m about to be turning 22 and I’ve been on birth control for years so my body is quite adjusted to the birth control. Its hormonal free bc. And me and my fiancee are sexually active. Everything I’ve looked up is different then what I’m experiencing. When I look up if that light brown spotting could be implantation bleeding it always says either two weeks before or after your period and mine was one week after a normal period. PLEASE someone help!

  180. charise

    first, my period was 12days late, I am usually regular. then on 6/4 it started lasted about 5days (a little short). about 10 days later I started spotting for about four days. then about 2 weeks later I am spotting again. when I stand up I feel dizzy, strange metallic taste in my mouth, no real appetite, peeing has been more urgent, but not really more frequent. my breast are not sore at all. cramping comes and goes, smelling is stronger (may be in my head) and randomly I will get a rush of sliva with a SLIGHT nausea.. I have no idea whats going on. a pregnancy test was negitive. but it was mid-day.

  181. Hyatt

    Here’s my situation:

    My cycle is usually about 28 days, ovulation around cd 10/11. On cd 17 I had dark brown/black discharge that last about 4 days. Now my period is overdue 7 days. 3 HPT showed negative. Feeling nauseaus on & off and sore around nipple. Could this be a possible pregnancy?

  182. Bigbaby

    I had sex with my boyfriend 2 days ago and today i am bleeding bt im not suppose to get my period for another 2 weeks…. could that be implantation bleeding?? Thats really early for my period ive never been that early before!

  183. Maria

    Hi my name is maria and i need advice and someone to hear me out…….ok my son is 6 ever since i had him my periods became irregular every three months….recently last year they said i had one ovary larger than the other and had two cysts…..and also i have thyroid issues as well that made me gain 150lbs! Needless to say i feel disgusted and depressed! Now i was used to my period coming every 3 months but recently this year i had a period every month from jan. To april. May i spotted 4 days in that month june/july i spotted brownish/pinkish for 34DAYS!! YES 34! NOW I HABE BEEN BLEEDING SUPER HEAVY FOR SIX DAYS NOW! WHAT SHOULD I DO? SHOULD I BE WORRIED? NEED HELP….SOMONE PLEASE HELP ME…

  184. Julie

    Hello my husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I have some questions. I was on Deposit for many years (also im 33 years old) and took my last shoot in November 2012. I had my last cycle staring on June 30. On July 23 I noticed brown discharge for that day and the next morning, but nothing since. I have had cramping, breast tenderness and acne but no more signs of a true cycle. I have taken a pregnancy test and its come back negative. Could I be pregnant or should I continue to wait and see if a true cycle does start. Thanks!

  185. admin

    Hello Julie,
    Did you find out that you are pregnant? The spotting might have been implantation spotting and you would not have had a positive pregnancy test so soon. Any news or changes?

  186. admin

    Hello Maria,
    I suggest you use Cycle Balance progesterone cream to get rid of the cysts and thyroid caps for your thyroid which will also help regulate your periods. The spotting is your body’s lack of a good ovulation. Every three months is PCOS and now that you are bleeding so much there is clearly no hormonal balance.

  187. admin

    Hello “Bigbaby”
    My guess is that it was ovulation and just happened at the time as sex so the blood showed up more.

  188. admin

    Hello Hyatt,
    Sounds more like a cyst than pregnancy.

  189. admin

    Hello Sam,
    This might be too late but did you find out that it was a cyst burst? That sounds more like it to me. It is right around the correct time.

  190. admin

    Hello Lauren,
    First please tell me if you are still pregnant? Did you double the progesterone cream once you found out you were pregnant? I am so overwhelmed with the number of emails I am getting here and wish I had seen this sooner.
    Please let me know where you stand

  191. admin

    Hello Jade, Any news back from your tests? Endo can have bleeding associated with it. Some women don’t even know they have it until it gets worse.

  192. admin

    Hello Charise, So sorry we couldn’t get to all the comments. Can you tell me what happened to you after this so maybe I can still help? A metallic taste in pregnancy can be very common. Everything in your email pointed to pregnancy and I am hoping you did not have hyperemesis.

  193. candice

    Hi, could use some help. Hubby and I have been ttc #4. First 3 pregnancies no problems geting pregnant. Had an IUD and had it removed in Sept 2012 after 6 yrs. My cycles are 28 days normally. I had a period on the 3rd of this month but lasted 2 days and so light. Mine usually go heavy and cramping for 2 days, 1 Med day, then 1 light day. Now I am 5 days after and spotting; at first reddish/pink then after several he’s brownish. I never spot. Ever. Plus I spotted the day
    before AF this month too.
    FYI I conceived our 1st the day my period finished and our 3rd was the day before it ended. I also had a UTI on day 2 of AF and I do not get them normally UNLESS I am pregnant. Appreciate any help! Thank you

  194. Liucy


    I am 29 years old. I am ttc. Last May I had miscarriage at 7 weeks. Since then I have regular periods of 32 days in a cycle until last month. My last period was on August 18 and I expected to have period on 20-21 of September. The period never came, I had bad acne I usually never had, and pregnancy test was negative on 4th of October ( I did a blood test and also my progesterone was very low, around 1). Today on October 10th in the morning I had a pink discharge with mucus, I thought it is my period but that doesn’t seem like it, because I don’t have any discharge anymore, except mucus. I had sex on 5th and 6th of october. What could it be?


  195. Laura

    Hello, I need some insight! Please help!! Me and my bf had sex on 9/30 and then the next day I got my period for like 2 days. Then on 10/16 I had light spotting one day that only(excuse my mouth)covered the middle of the pad in all day, no flowing overnight. The next day was still light to not even medium…I really didn’t have to change the whole day, still no overnight flow. Today 10/18 just light spotting. I feel my breasts at times tingly, been nausea different times of the day. I ate lunch yesterday and soon after I felt like I wanted to throw it all up. I took a test last week, but was neg. I haven’t been on birth control for like almost a month and a half. Whats going on with me?

  196. admin

    Hello Laura, it sounds like you are early pregnant and may be about to have hyperemesis. Hyperemesis is excessive vomiting and dehydration that occurs in women who are very sensitive in early pregnancy. Most women would not have those symptoms so early. By the time I am answering this, I am sure you have your answer already but for the sake of others also, I wanted to post. Retest.

  197. admin

    I am sure you know by now but with all the comments I cannot keep up. My answer to anyone else reading this is that you were most likely adjusting to the lack of estrogen and that is why it was light and intermittent. The IUD increases estrogen from the copper coil. Your cycle would be lighter without it until it adjusts; hopefully adjusts again. Any updates? Please respond to this comment.

  198. admin

    Hello Liucy,
    It sounds like you have cysts which kept you from ovulating last month and that is why you had no period. Let me suggest that you try a NPC shutdown which would allow you to heal your ovaries and boost your progesterone levels. You can not implant if you don’t have enough progesterone nor can you carry. blessings, brenda

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