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I was introduced to Cycle Balance Cream (formerly Pro Cycle Balance Natural Progesterone Cream) in 2008.  Delivering 1000 mg of micronized natural progesterone per jar it was right inline with Dr. Lee’s recommendation for the right amount of natural progesterone per oz..  Just  1/4 teaspoon helps to balance the endocrine system and that was enough for me to know until I tried it myself.

Natural progesterone is the main hormone that acts to balance the endocrine system. If there’s a deficiency in any other hormone it may very often be because progesterone is also deficient. By boosting the progesterone with a natural progesterone cream you help to balance the progesterone in the body and thus help to balance the entire endocrine system.

The progesterone contained in Cycle (Pro) Balance Cream exactly resembles the progesterone our bodies manufacturer.   The common terms are bio-identical, bio-availability or bio-available. Because of this it works very well and is absorbed through the skin.

CycleBalanceAllThe most important factor that sets this natural progesterone cream apart from all the others is that it is cold-processed.  All of the other progesterone creams are in a base of oils that have been heated which means they are less than ideal for drawing the USP natural progesterone cream into the body.  Cold-pressed based absorbs very quickly into the skin, leaving no greasy residue.  When you have to use progesterone cream 2 or 3 times per day, as in pregnancy or during menopause, you can even more so appreciate the texture of this cream.  It is more like a high-end facial cream in its consistency.  Most women who try Cycle Balance Cream and Cycle Balance Plus do not return to their former progesterone cream for this reason.
Ingredient List: Active ingredient: 1000 mg Micronized Natural Progesterone (the amount most recommended per application by Dr. Lee)

Inert ingredients: Purified Water, Lanol (vegetable ester), Aloe Vera, Sepigel is (C 13-14, Isoparaffin, Laureth-7) Essential Omega oils, Potassium Sorbate, Sorbic Acid Cycle Balance Progesterone Cream is as gentle as washing your face but with a better absorption of Micronized Natural Progesterone and the perfect amount every time. Ingredient List: Active ingredient: 1000 mg Micronized Natural Progesterone

I recognize no product more highly than this.  The company comes with excellent support as well.  Read more at Cycle Balance Cream or Visit our Fertility Store.  Cycle Balance Cream by Whole Family Products

The #1 Reason for Spotting:
Hormonal imbalance due to low progesterone. 
Don't take chances with the baby you work so hard for.
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We've been there and we know how you feel right now.


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