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Birth Control Effectiveness

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Why Natural Family Planning?

Natural family planning (NFP) is the art of using the fertility awareness method to either plan or avoid a pregnancy. There is as much birth control effectiveness with NFP if done right as there is with any other method.  [WIDGET1]NFP uses no chemical or medicinal measures for birth control. The focus is to learn about the female reproductive system.

NFP requires patience and a little effort to learn and to practice. Once the steps are learned it is easy to add to your daily routine and become habit. Within 3 weeks you will be practicing the steps and getting to know your body – within 3 months you will know your body better than you ever thought possible.

Learning the steps is easy. I call it the art of charting. Charting of the fertility signs. I have articles on these that detail the method. First I will focus on pregnancy achievement and then in the near future I will focus on avoiding pregnancy. Of course you can take the steps in pregnancy achievement and reverse them for birth control.

It has long been my opinion that birth control pills, shots, implants and such are simply not good for the body. God made our bodies to function perfectly – and if we take the time to get to know them, we can then learn natural birth control without outside substances. A lot of women are allergic to spermicide too – which leaves out using barrier methods. This is where NFP comes into play and works rather well if you follow it every day.

Contrary to popular belief NFP does not mean that you will be pregnant year after year. NFP is the only means of birth control that the Roman Catholic Church approves, and if you will notice Catholic families aren’t any larger now than those of non-Catholic families. Why? Because in learning NFP – women can control when and if they get pregnant naturally.

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