Stages of Pregnancy

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. . . For “Moms to be” on the Run!

By Robin Nobles

Our “busy moms” articles are always centered around the hectic life of mothers who are trying to juggle jobs, children, homes, cooking, and an attempt at sanity tossed in for good measure.
But what about busy “moms to be”? During pregnancy, moms to be rush around trying to keep up with their jobs, their homes, and get ready for the baby, which is certainly not a stress-free time.

When pregnant, your body goes through so many changes, and many of those changes are unexpected and can even be a little frightening. If you know what to expect, you’ll be more at ease with your pregnancy and hopefully more relaxed.

At the Stages of Pregnancy page, the three trimesters of pregnancy are outlined, with information on approximately how large your baby will be at various weeks, when the baby will become active, and even when you’ll begin to look pregnant.

The site also features a pregnancy calculator, pregnancy symptoms, and pregnancy due date calculator. With the pregnancy calculator, you’ll learn how your body is changing and how your baby is growing and developing week by week throughout your pregnancy. You’ll find diet tips for a healthy pregnancy, baby names, and exercise tips.

So “moms to be,” take time out of your busy schedule this week to learn more about the different stages of pregnancy!

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