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Stretchmarks – Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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by Chrisoulla Nicolaou

The best time to treat stretchmarks is before they happen – this is definitely a situation where prevention is better than cure.
These thin red streaks that can form on the abdomen, thighs, breasts, hips, buttocks and on the tops of your arms are a form of scarring. They are due to a weakening or breakdown of the underlying fibres in the skin.

Once these fibres have been overstretched they will not go back to normal even when your size does, but the marks will fade from red to silver.

From the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy you should massage a small amount of anti-stretchmark oil or anti- stretchmark cream gently over the hips, stomach, thighs and breasts, paying attention to any area that feels particularly taught. This can also help to relieve the tightness and itching that comes with rapid weight gain.

The following recipes are recommended for daily massage or a good quality bought oil blend or cream can be used.

Anti-stretchmark oil (recipe taken from Aromatherapy and massage for mother and baby by Allison England)

To 80 ml (4 tbs) of almond oil and 20 ml (1 tbs) of avocado oil, add: 7 drops of Lavender and 5 drops of Neroli oil or 7 drops of Lavender and 5 drops of Mandarin or Tangerine oil or 7 drops of Mandarin or Tangerine and 5 drops of Neroli oil.

Anti-stretchmark cream (recipe taken from Aromatherapy A-Z by Patricia Davis)

50 grams infused Calendula oil 35 grams coco butter 10 grams beeswax 45 grams flower hydrolat (flower-water) 10 drops Mandarin oil 15 drops Neroli oil

Method: Weigh all ingredients accurately. (Shred beeswax with a very sharp knife before weighing.) Put the Mandarin and Neroli oils in a bowl which should be either stainless steel or Pyrex, and add the beeswax. Put the flower-water in another bowl and stand both bowls in a large shallow pan of water over a gentle heat. Stir the bowl containing the oils and beeswax until all the ingredients are melted, then remove from heat.

Start adding the flower-water to the oil mixture, a drop or two at a time while beating with a rotary whisk. Continue to add the flower-water very gradually, beating all the time, as if making a mayonnaise.

When all the flower-water has been absorbed into the oil/wax mixture, stop beating at once. If using an electric mixer, set it on the lowest speed, as over-beating can make the cream separate.

Finally, stir in the essential oil and put into a jar or jars. Leave in a cold place or fridge until set.

These amounts make a relatively small amount of cream. Once you have mastered the technique, you can double or treble the quantities to make larger batches. The creams will keep for quite a long time, as the essential oils act as natural preservatives but if making large batches, keep in the fridge until needed and then dispense small amounts into individual jars.

After the birth of your baby, carry on using the oil or cream until your weight and figure get back to normal as, surprisingly, stretchmarks can also occur when weight is decreasing.

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