Prepared Childbirth Classes

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Prepared childbirth classes provide what I like to call momhood moments.

Fewer changes in life bring as much anticipation and awe as awaiting the birth of your baby – especially if you’ve never trodden this path before. Most of your entire pregnancy you are, no doubt, excited and looking forward to the day when you get to actually hold your little bundle of joy.[WIDGET1] But probably more than anything else you look to that day – D day – DELIVERY day with much apprehension and concern. For those who have the experience of already delivering a baby – the experience can still be just as anticipatory – but especially for first time moms – it’s a day of much expectation – expectation and trepidation about what labor and birth is like.

It is the fear of the unknown that scares some of us the most. But with childbirth this doesn’t have to be the case. In most areas -prepared childbirth classes are offered. These classes help you to understand what will take place on that day – as well as offer ways of coping and dealing with labor and delivery. There is no reason to face this very important day – without being somewhat prepared. Even if you live in an area that doesn’t offer childbirth classes – you can greatly benefit by going to a bookstore (online or otherwise) or even to the library and reading books on the subject. But if you are offered childbirth classes – it would be wise to take them – especially if this is your first baby. Even with 2nd and subsequent pregnancies – a refresher course would do you some good.

There are several schools of thought on childbirth; Grantly Dick-Read, Lamaze, Bradley Method and Prepare childbirth classes.  Visit these other posts to learn a little about each kind:

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