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Lydia’s birth story

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AKA Oh how I love Caulophyllum Thalictroides and the way they improve / induce labor:

Lydia is our 2nd child and after giving birth to Jacob 17 days early, it was a little disappointing that her due date was getting so close.

I admit it, I was turning brat and I wanted my baby THEN!

I started to read more about homeopathic remedies since I had used Belladonna for the one and only ear infection any of our 5 have ever had. While reading I decided to see if there was anything about bringing on labor or at minimum shortening the length of labor. I was determined that I was not up for another 22 hours of labor; that is that. I didn’t find what I was looking for but it did spark the idea in my mind.

The next day I came across a woman at the health food store; clearly a God ordained meeting. When I told her I was looking for a homeopathic remedy to induce labor or at least improve upon it, she laughed and said she had been there recently, herself. There was no book about inducing labor at the time but she could tell me what she too had tried with the recent birth of her baby. She lead me down the aisle to… caulophillum thalictroides. (Don’t you just love that name?)

The name is more fun in the homeopathic, Latin tonque but is simply Blue Cohosh; in homeopathic form. The Latin name makes it sound so mysterious.

I took it according to her directions but the truth is Lydia’s due date was almost upon me and who could know if this was what helped. It only took me a short time once labor came to know and then my 3rd – 5th children showed me how simple this all was.

The actual way to bring on effective labor contractions is to start back at 4 weeks away from your due date. I did not have that time but did with my other children. A small dose is recommended to ease your body into strengthening for labor; 2 – 200x pellets per day until about 2 weeks before your due date. Don’t take more thinking it is just a couple little sweet white candies. Remember that homeopathic remedies teach your body what to do and they do it very well.

When you reach 10 – 14 days, you can begin to double the amount and you will most likely notice your Braxton Hicks contractions become stronger. Let your body tell you what to do. Your baby has a time that it is right and the idea behind the caulophillum is to make your uterus stronger; so that it can do what was meant to do.

In all the years I have been helping couples conceive, I have noticed that many women have long long labors and babies with colic. Both these things are indicated for Blue Cohosh. Many go through Caesarians because their labors were so long and not progressing.

The women I have suggested these things to have all had short labors for their first and subsequent children. After birth consider taking it while you nurse.

Caullophillum is a stimulator so do not play with fire if you do not have the common sense to understand this.

Anyway, back to my labor with Lydia. I remember going to the store, the week before that, with the idea in mind to use castor oil if she did not come SOON. My friend had take castor oil because she was overdue and called me up one day to say that it did not seem to be working and that “The fishy taste was really hard for her to get past.” After asking more questions, I helped her to realize that it was COD FISH oil she had purchased NOT castor oil. She took the castor oil and the labor came. I’m sure the fish oils made her very healthy and so they were not a bad thing after all. We all need more fish oil in our diet.

Castor oil, another idea, down from the ages, but I’d rather that yummy little sugar pills.

I woke up on her due date, got our 2 year old dressed and went into the shower believing we were going out for breakfast, coming home and swallowing a glass of castor oil. She was big and so was I and I was ready!

I got in the shower and within about 2 minutes went RIGHT INTO LABOR. The contractions came on, we got to the hospital and Lydia was born just over 3 1/2 hours into labor. I shot from 3 cm to 9 in about 20 minutes. Let me just say that as scary as that sounds, I believe with all my heart that “easing into labor” over the course of, say, 22 hours has NO advantages.

As soon as the labor was imminent I ate 2 every half hour. Be careful to measure your own body’s response as you go. You have to move with it and know your limits as you go.

Evening primrose oil in the last 2 weeks, in small amounts, stimulates effacement of the cervix but make sure you are close to your due date and understand it packs a strong punch in small amounts.

Lydia was 8 lbs 7 oz and had a perfect birth score. She was alert and I was up and running around immediately; unlike how tired I was with Jacob.

  • Throughout your pregnancy: drink 1-2 cups per day of red raspberry leaf tea and you may not need either of the two below. Your uterus can become stronger over the time you have in pregnancy.
  • 4 weeks before: 2 per day
  • 7-14 days before: 4 per day (2 x 2)
  • Once in labor 2 per 1/2 hour (for about 2 hours). It is good to continue to take them AFTER the birth as well so that your uterus contracts and tightens back up. It does what breastfeeding will also.
  • Evening primrose for effacing
  • Caulophillum Thalictroides for dilating.

Here are other ideas as well; the most important piece of advice is to do your homework and talk to your midwife about these labor induction helps:

  • Walk alot; through your pregnancy. In the end it can induce labor but for this take high steps in order to keep the cervix area stimulated.
  • Castor oil taken internally WILL give you cramps and move your bowels in a strong way. Some suggest taking Blue Cohosh in liquid tincture form along with the castor oil but again, I prefer the little white pellets.
  • Blue Cohosh tincture can be used as well. About 6-10 drops in some warm water (warmth soothes the body) or in tea and sip. Drink several cups until labor is in full force. You can take a dropperful after labor is progressing some, to stimulate contractions more.
  • You can warm up castor oil and rub on your belly, then place a warm towel on it for about 20 minutes. Repeat as often as you like but make a movie night of it. 1 time is not what it takes.
  • Having an orgasm will stimulate labor. Please note that it is not the sex but the orgasm that does the trick; so enjoy your last moments as a family of 2; to the fullest.
  • Everyone says nipple stimulation helps but it doesn’t seem to be a favorite choice for most. Add this to the orgasm part and it can be double the help.

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