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Pregnancy Plus Prenatal Vitamins are an excellent supplement to begin taking prior to conceiving. These tablets contain optimum amounts of:

Pregnancy Plus Prenatal Vitamins

Pregnancy Plus Prenatal Vitamins

Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin A (as 100% beta-carotene), and Folic Acid

They are safe enough to take during the preconception phase and the folic acid will help to prevent certain neural tube defects like spina bifida. They are safe to take all through pregnancy and helps to promote a healthy immune system which will support growing a healthy baby. They make an excellent breastfeeding supplement as well.

If you are trying to conceive it’s very important that you take a supplement with folic acid, whether you take Pregnancy Plus or some other brand. Such an easy way to avoid a very devastating neural tube defect and so easy – as easy as swallowing just one pill a day, every single day.

Pregnancy Plus is a natural formula free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

The #1 Reason for Spotting:
Hormonal imbalance due to low progesterone. 
Don't take chances with the baby you work so hard for.
See our list of top progesterone creams.
We've been there and we know how you feel right now.


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