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So I have moved several states south lately, and because of the move I have absolutely slacked in keeping on track with my fertility plans. I have just recently started tracking my Basal body temperature (BBT) again and need to restart the Paleo template. I have still been taking the Female Hormone Balance because my husband and I have noticed a difference when I do not take it. Since I have not had a menstrual cycle in a few months (currently on cycle day 130… yes you read that correctly), I have not used any progesterone cream or progesterone oil (HUGE fan of the oil!). I have also recently decided to try a new product Brenda has available called Chrysin cream. I will keep everyone posted on any differences I notice as I begin to add this to my template as well. If I have researched correctly it should help balance my estrogen and testosterone levels. I have felt so broken lately but I am optimistic getting back on track will help. Stay tuned…

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