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Thousands of women come to our site monthly asking questions and looking for reasons for spotting answers.  This page is the third of 3 pages (so far) dedicated to some of the answers to these questions.  Comments are closed on this page but you can ask your questions after liking the page and asking it there.  We are trying to build a community there.

We know you are are anxious and are sensitive to that.  Your questions have often already been answered and you can find your answers on these pages:

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The #1 Reason for Spotting:
Hormonal imbalance due to low progesterone. 
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  1. Brooke M Ross

    Hi my is Brooke Ross and I was reading your article and I didn’t see anything that involves the spotting that I’m going through. I havn’t had my period since December 16, 2012 and its April 7th Now and I’ve had spotted twice in the last month, but i’ve took a Pregnancy test but it came up negative. My period hasn’t been stable since I’ve been Sexually active but it hasn’t gone this long and I’ve never spotted before. Normally once i bleed i start bleeding and it last for 4-6 days which is normal for my period. I don’t understand whats going on.

  2. admin

    Hello Brooke, Do you have PCOS? Are you sure you do not have cysts? Are you on the pill? Spotting can be a sign of cysts if you are not pregnant.

  3. shannon

    Hello I am worried I been ttc for 5 months I got off bc 5 months ago I have had normal reg cycles 25day thinking o on 13 day and 5 days on period until this month I had been really sick with a viral virus for about 4 to 5 weeks and my period was 3 1/2 weeks late then I finally started spotting for 2 days then for 2 days a very lite bright red flow and then for 4 days I just spotted this period was very diff then anyone I have ever had normally I may spot just before I go into full flow with dark red for heavy about 3 to 4 days then light the 5th day and it ends never no spotting. Could this be because I was sick ? I also have been on antibiotics for 20 days I take a prenatal vit everyday for last 6 months also biotin for last 4 months thanks so much for you help

  4. shannon

    Hello me again I did not have any spotting yesterday but this am spotting a couple small blood clots dark red sorry if tmi I am just worried I have a lot going on I am starting to think the bc have giving me a hormone inbalance or something I stoped taking them in dec and I have been puting on weight every since I am trying to stop that but no luck and then I had been so sick getting better but can’t get over feeling so wore out non stop lots of headaches which ain’t as bad as my migrianes I have had for years and years my left side keeps cramping like I am going to start again off and on but then that’s when I see spotting a little later we had been ttc but now this month everything has been so crazy hormones wise I don’t know what’s going on thanks for any help you can give !

  5. admin

    Hi Shannon, How old are you? 25 days is on the short side of how long a cycle should be. It is called Luteal Phase Defect and you can read about it HERE. When you say you think that you ovulate around day 13, how do you come to that conclusion? I am pretty sure that you missed a cycle on one ovary. 3 1/2 weeks IS 25 days. When your cycles shorten it is normal to then miss one and it seems like a longer cycle.

    We actually ovulate from different ovaries each month. Not an exact science about which one but it is possible to miss a cycle.

  6. shannon

    Thanks so much today I turned 33 and I just stop birth control after 12years before birth control my cycle was always normal. Thanks so much ! I was hopeing to get pregnant this year well months ago but did not know it would be a prob because before my cycle was always good thanks

  7. admin

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNOOKIE!!! I would like to help you figure this out but 12 years on BC can definitely mess you up. Check out Female Hormone Balance for the first part of your cycle to clear some of that stuff out of your body and balance hormones and the Cycle Balance Cream (in the same catalog) for the second half of the cycle to lengthen your luteal phase and strengthen ovulation for the following cycles. Since you are TTC then you want to cleanse quickly and move on. Consider the Infertility Cleanse also but mostly working on your ovulation is the most important. I love to work with women have trouble getting pregnant. It is my passion. Here is hoping you will be holding a baby for your next birthday. Let’s figure this out.

  8. shannon

    Thank you so much ! So I should use female hormone balance starting at part of my cycle and then stop that and use cycle balance cream for what part of my cycle sorry for the dumb question I am just trying to understand thank you so much

  9. admin

    That is not a dumb question. You would use Female Hormone Balance for the whole cycle and Cycle Balance Cream from ovulation to menses.

  10. Sydney

    I recently started spotting about two weeks ago. I’ll spot a couple days then skip a few days then spot again. November 2012 I quit the pill. A month later I got the depo shot, but I haven’t gotten another one even though my apartment was in March 2013. I had unprotected sex February 2013 and again in April about five days straight. Is it possible that I may be pregnant? I took two tests and they both came to be negative.

  11. Anna

    Hi, I hope you can help me.

    I was supposed to get my period on May 8th, but instead I got my usual cramps and a dash of bright red when I wipped. I thought it would be the begining of my period, but it never started. I had a brownish mucus-like spotting the five days I was supposed to be on my period.

    My last estimated ovulation was April 23rd and I had sex April 28th. I don’t think anything happened to get me pregnant (ie semen around my vagina), but I’m not so sure anymore and it’s kind of freaking me out.

    Could this be implantation spotting? I’m pretty regular with my periods, 30 days average, and now I don’t know if I’m pregnant or I’m late because I’m getting very nervous.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Lucy

    I am 44yrs old and semi BF my 17 month old toddler. I restarted my cycle after pregnancy Feb 2013. My last cycle started April 30 and ended the 6th. I had expected it two days earlier and I stopped bleeding two days early so on the 4th. My husband & I had intercourse on the 7th, 8th & 9th & 11th. I started spotting the early eve on the 12th and today the 13th. The spotting is bark brown so I would usually expect this just to be old blood that was just left in my system but it feels like the starting of a period, pressure in the uterus and maybe light cramps. I have had implantation bleeding but this is different. Plus it seems too early for IB. Can you give me any advice on what this may be?

  13. admin

    Hi Lucy, I just wrote an article about this: Mid Cycle Spotting. It sounds like you have a cyst or mittleschmerz. The brown blood is more like a cyst.

    The other possibility I would suggest is that having had sex so many days can stop some of the blood that was left over from your period. You say you have pressure in the uterus but it is too early for implantation bleeding unless it is miscarriage. You sound like you have looked up enough information and that we don’t really have much more for you.

    I hope you will let us know what it turns out to be. Are you TTC? Blessings, Brenda

  14. admin

    Hello, Pregnancy tests are very cheap and will give you piece of mind right away. I think your brown bleeding for so long means that you are not having a good ovulation. You may not have even ovulated this cycle. That can be a skipped cycle or a cyst. Take a test. Implantation spotting lasts a few wipes for a day; not a week. That can be a burst cyst or miscarriage when the blood is old. Try this article: earliest-possible-signs-of-pregnancy. Blessings, Brenda

  15. Laszhay

    I am 26yrs of age with a weight of about 100lbs so I am build very small which in turn have made my periods irregular. I was on birth control to regulate my periods until I found out I was pregnant and had my daughter a little over 3 years ago. Although I did not go back on birth control my periods are pretty regular with my cycle being about 38-40 days. i am aware that I do have cyst only because I have had a few burst with in the last two years. Yesterday I started spotting and it was only when I wiped. Today the spotting has turned into somewhat of a light period. I am blooded and slightly crampy. Should I be concerned? I am not due to get my period for about 2wks. I haven’t had this issue since I stop taking the pill.

  16. Kara

    Hi I’m 18 and have been stressing out worried that I may be pregnant.
    My last period started 5/12/13 and ended 5/18/13. Then I had a uti and got prescribed antibiotics. (Last year I had a uti and my period was late too.) Then on about 5/27-28 ish my boyfriend and I were fooling around. I have him oral (i had my panties on) and then we washed our hands and then he touched me down there for a little. That week i was spotting for the whole week. (I spotted last time i had my uti too) Now it’s 6/21/13 and I’m almost two weeks late. My breast have been sore and I have small cramps now and then. I also just started spotting a little? Is this my period or Could I be pregnant?

  17. admin

    Hello Laszhay, Sorry we did not get back to you in time. I wanted to know if you found out that you had burst a cyst? That would have been the most likely cause. Write to us if you would like help with regulating your periods and doing away with ovulation cysts.

  18. tskulls

    Hello. I am 28 & I had a baby July 2012. I bled for 12 weeks after the birth & then went in to an ultrasound and found a particle in my uterus. My Dr. put me on a pill to create contractions to see it my uterus would push it out. After the pill I stopped bleeding so I wasn’t worried & figured whatever was there came out. I had no period for 3 months (breastfeeding) and then started a period January 10th. That cycle was 30 days. My husband and I decided to ttc in February but since then I have had irregular cycles (feb 39days, march 22days, April 24, May 36, June 28) and in Feb, May, June, July(no period yet) I have had mid-cycle spotting/bleeding usually around day 13 that lasts for about 2-4 days. The blood is usually dark brown but in feb & July I had some dark red also. May & June the spotting was brown & pink. This last month, July, I had spotting + a bit more & it lasted for 5 days. I have been using your cycle balance cream since May. I am just unsure what is going on or how concerned I should be. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  19. Erica

    What a wonderful site! I been reading every post and article!
    I’m 31 and been ttc for 3 years now! I have been to the doctor and he did a bunch of tests, said he couldn’t find anything wrong and that he can’t help me except for recommending ivf. And I don’t want Ivf! Hope to be able to do this as naturally as possible.

    I have an irregular cycle of 28-36 days, I ovulate late, around day 21 and my lutealfase is 9-14 days, but it is hard to tell as I get spottings from day 5-7 that usually starts with brown spottings and after a few days gets red, more and more until the actual flow starts. I can have a hard time telling which is the first day of the period. When I temp I see an increase in temp from about 97.16 before ovulation to about 97.9 F after.
    I have been on birth controll pills from the age of 16 until ttc and think my period was regular before the pills. Hate that I started with them!

    During this time I have been trying to eat very very healthy, doing some exercising and I am normal weight and otherwise healty. I have tried acupuncture and herbs, whitch did not help. I always get these strange periods and not a period without spottings..

    I would really appreciate some help!
    BR Erica

  20. admin

    Please write to me and tell me if you are still TTC. If so, I would like to help you.

  21. admin

    Please tell us where you are with TTC now. Our boards got crazy busy and I couldn’t keep up with all of the questions but wanted to at least acknowledge your post here when going through old ones that got pushed down.

  22. Ali

    I have been dignosed with pco and was on fertility medicine last month but got my periods on 5th of october and went to the doctor on 10th day found out I have developed ohss from fertility injections. Doctor told me to try like this without the injections this cycle and today is 21st day of my cycle I have had on and off cramping since 15th day but today morning cramps were real bad and now I have statted to spot for past few hours. Nothing on the underwear only little pink spot on tissue when I wipe. Wht is it tht I am goong theough roght are theor chances of me being pregnent. And yes I have never missed periods could be late by 10 days or early by 2 days bit never missed it completely.

  23. jAMIE

    I have been on the contraceptive pill Brenda for over a year. And have had regular periods. One week I was up to taking my sugar pills. I took 2 and then decided I didn’t want my period, so I went to my active pills after the second day of taking the sugar pills. I ended up getting my period anyway while taking the active pills and it lasted for about 5-6 days. On the sixth day when it was nearly over I had unprotected sex. I got worried so I went and got the morning after pill, and continued to take my active pills as well . A couple of days after that I was having brown discharge for 2-3 days. It has now been 15 days and I have started having brown discharge again. I am now 4 days away from taking my sugar pills. Why is this brow discharge happening? Im a little worried. And should I skip my sugar pills this month and continue with the active pills

  24. admin

    My guess with the brown bleeding is that it was either break through bleeding because you introduce the hormones at the wrong time or an induced abortion from the pill. You may have pushed ovulation early in the cycle by introducing the hormones too early. The brown, as I always tell women, is old. It means that something has already been happening and the blood is making it way out. One of the side effects of the pill is spontaneous abortion and why we take a negative stand on chemical contraceptives.

  25. admin

    Hi Ali, I wonder if you could give me an update since a few days have gone by. If you were to be pregnant, then OHSS could be very painful up to 3-10 weeks. It is actually very common. My concern is that you understand the risks. Are you gaining weight or feeling any pressure in your upper abdomen?

    These are mild symptoms when OHSS gets out of hand: Do you have nausea, diarrhea, bloating or weight gain? More severe: Are you symptoms more pronounced? If you are gaining weight rapidly, swelling or bloating more than just a heaviness but actually gaining weight quickly? Worse: Do you have dark urine or diminished? Does your body feel extra dry? Fluid can be known to collect in tissue due to the hormones and this can cause excessive bloating. Are you holding water in a way that you are gaining more than 1 lb per day?

    See your doctor if you have any of these symptoms and weigh yourself twice a day if you are feeling bloated. Dandelion root can help to remove some of the fluid retention.

    If you were miscarrying you might feel similar to the cramping and the spotting would start light and become more pronounced; but this is too early.

    Also, if you would like one on one help, let me know and I will contact you. For now, let me know what has happened in the last 5 days. Just so you know OHSS can lead to ovarian cancer. Fertility drugs are not to administered more than 5 times TOTAL ever. How many have you had? blessings, Brenda


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