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Mid Cycle Spotting, also known as spotting after a period, is almost always hormonal imbalance based. There are several reasons which we will explore here.

If you have mid cycle spotting after a light period it may mean impending miscarriage.  Often times a miscarriage began but did not complete or hormones kept the pregnancy in flux;  just enough progesterone to hold on for a little longer but not enough to maintain pregnancy test strips and cassettespregnancy.   Progesterone is what keeps the baby attached and nested in the uterine lining.  When progesterone drops, a miscarriage is likely and bleeding begins.  If progesterone fluctuates then bleeding can seem like a light period but is really early miscarriage.  Taking a pregnancy test or your temperatures can determine if it is a late diagnosed pregnancy.  If you are pregnant then progesterone cream is the first consideration to prevent miscarriage.  See our creams in our webstore.

If you are pregnant you may also experience nausea, extra thirst, a continual need to urinate, tiredness and sore breasts as well as other symptoms.  See our Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy article.  Early pregnancy spotting is the first sign of early miscarriage.

If you have mid cycle spotting and with light twinges of pain, consider that you may have a cyst or cysts.  When a cyst forms on the ovary and the following cycle (or subsequent cycles) there is a good LH surge the cyst will burst and mid cycle spotting will usually occur.  If there is just twinge of blood, it is usually mittleschmerz.    We have used a protocol with many women through the years SerraZymes Serrapeptase Cycle Balance cream Super Immune Booster Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse Infertility Cleansecalled the NPC Shutdown and it is has been successful with cysts and especially those who were trying to conceive against poor ovulation and infertility.

If you have mid cycle spotting with bad pain and heavy bleeding during your periods then you should consider being tested for endometriosis.  We have articles on endometriosis to explain this terrible disease and how to help it.

Yeast Away PackIf you have mid cycle spotting and have had multiple partners or have reason to believe you have an infection or STD you should see your doctor to be tested.  For yeast infections consider Yeast Away by Whole Family Products or Cranberry Concentrate Capsules for urinary tract infections; common to spotting any time in the cycle.

Lastly, if you have mid cycle spotting it can be from new fibroids.  Fibroids are like parasites that feed on your uterine lining and take your iron.    While fibroids are usually recognized by excessive bleeding and pain, the onset of fibroids can mean the beginning of bleeding at other times in the cycle.

There are other reasons for mid cycle spotting but these are the most common.  Use our search function and tags to find out more about spotting and visit Reasons For Spotting, Reasons for Spotting Answers and More Reasons for Spotting as well.


The #1 Reason for Spotting:
Hormonal imbalance due to low progesterone. 
Don't take chances with the baby you work so hard for.
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