Trying to Conceive Two Week Wait

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Trying to conceive can be a very stressful time especially if you are charting and really watching for any early pregnancy symptoms during that two week wait. The longest time period during the month is the two weeks between ovulation and hopeful positive pregnancy test or start of the next cycle.   Try to get through this time period without feeling like you are going crazy. It takes a little bit of patience and some inventive strategies or plans, but you can survive without climbing aboard the obsession train.


To keep your mind from analyzing every little thing about your body during this wait you need to think about other things. Keeping busy helps the time to pass quicker too. I remember before I got married, before I met my husband in fact, how badly I wanted to get married. It literally drove me crazy thinking about it. I so badly wanted to meet “Mr. Right” and get married that I went to the local Hancock Fabrics and bought the material and pattern for a wedding dress. I modified the pattern a bit and made the dress for Easter Sunday instead. Little did I realize that I would wear that very dress when I eloped with my husband two years later!

What I’m getting at is that it was therapeutic for me to make this dress. I ended up making a real formal wedding gown for our wedding, which took place one month after we eloped. Anyway, this was helpful in my mind, it kept me sane. So the same principal can apply to the two week wait, only on a less grand scale. If you want a baby so badly that you obsess during this time, then you need to focus that nervous energy on something. Why not start making/collecting things for your future nursery?

I love to crochet, and with every pregnancy I crocheted my baby a beautiful baby blanket. Learn this art, or knitting or quilting or sewing, something that you can take on as a project. By starting the nursery you are showing yourself that you do believe you will be pregnant very soon. This is good “mind power.”

Or you can go in the opposite direction. Take on a project that has nothing to do with a baby or being pregnant. The key is to find something to occupy your mind so that you won’t obsess over the possibilities. Two weeks is a relatively short time period, and if you put your mind to it the time will go by fast. Set a date to take the home pregnancy test for about ten days after you ovulate and try not to think about it until then. Busy yourself with a new project for about two weeks and hopefully you’ll receive some positive results when you test!

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