Fertility Cycles

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Devastation and Hope of the Fertility Cycles

The first day of your cycle can be an emotional day if you’ve been trying to conceive. It’s a day filled with both devastation and hope.
Whether you’ve been trying to conceive for a couple of months or for years – seeing that day arrive can be heartbreaking. But it’s our perception of things that causes us to succeed or fail.

Sure, when you’ve timed lovemaking to guarantee the sperm should meet the egg – and you’ve imagined all sorts of pregnancy symptoms – and even perhaps convinced yourself that Yes, you are pregnant – only to see the dreaded red toilet paper is devastating. I mean, what woman who dearly wants to be pregnant wouldn’t be? I know I had my days of sheer disappointment. There is another way of viewing it though. A way that sheds in a little bit of hope.

Yes, I said hope. To view the first day of the cycle as being one of hope sounds crazy. I know – you think you’ve just proven yourself as a failure at the very basis of womanhood – you didn’t conceive. But don’t allow those thoughts into your head. Look at the first day of a new cycle as a new beginning.

It’s on cycle day 1 that the body begins the process of looking ahead to the new month. It begins to prepare a place for that hopeful fertilized egg. I’m a firm believer in the power of thought and the spoken word. And I’m also guilty of cutting myself down when I saw my menstrual cycle appear again, month after month. Stress, even stress brought on my worrisome thoughts, can cause infertility – it can directly hinder the act of ovulation. This is something we can control. Our bodies do react to our thoughts and our words.

Much in the way that I believe we can talk ourselves into being sick – I think we can think and talk ourselves into not conceiving – even if it’s unintentional. Why not start at the point you are and make a vow. Make a vow that if your menstrual period appears this next cycle then you will react differently.

Greet the new cycle with hope. Think those positive thoughts at the beginning instead of grasping at those positive thought-straws at the end. Sit back for a few minutes and visualize your body at work. Visualize the blood flowing to your reproductive organs, bringing in nutrition and health. Picture your ovaries getting ready to mature and release your egg – the egg that will become your beautiful baby. Think about your uterus housing your growing baby for 9 months – lovingly and warm. Embrace the new cycle with hope!

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