Ovulation Predictor

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Ovulation predictor kits are easy to use and allow you to predict your most fertile time of the month. There are basically two types of ovulation predictor kits, one that uses saliva and one that uses urine. Saliva kits test your saliva each day to determine when you begin to ovulate. These types of ovulation kits can detect the rise of estrogen in your body during your monthly cycle. Urine kits test for the luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine. As a woman begins to ovulate, an increase in LH occurs, which means that her egg has been released and she is most fertile.

About Ovulation Predictor Kits

While the use of ovulation predictor fertility kits can be one of the most accurate ways for women to determine when they are most fertile, it should be noted that they are not 100% foolproof. For instance, while the urine predictor kits are supposed to be able to detect a surge in your LH hormone just before ovulation, the methodology behind the test depends on the detection of the LH surge. While some of these kits are really good in detecting the LH surge, some LH predictor kits often fail due to cervix changes when mini surges sometimes take place before ovulation has actually begun. Hence, depending on the quality of these kits, you may not always get an accurate reading. Additionally, these types of fertility predictor kits tend to be rather expensive and can be messy to use.


On the other hand, the saliva fertility kits tend to offer a bit of an advantage over the urine kits. The saliva kits are based on what is known as the salvia ferning method. During your menstrual cycle, changes in your saliva occur. As you approach your most fertile time of the month, the level of salt in your body increases as your estrogen levels increase. Easy to use, the saliva kits only require you to lick a slide first thing in the morning and then let it dry. Crystallization then occurs and forms on the slide according to how fertile you are at that time. With these kits, once you know how to identify the ferning patterns of your saliva, which is very easy to learn, you will be able to detect at any given time whether or not you are fertile. Best of all, with the saliva ovulation predictor kits, you can test anywhere without the mess of having to deal with urine!

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