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Cervical Position

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Part 3: Fertility Charting Cervical Position

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The third fertility sign, and probably the most evasive, is the cervical position. Checking the cervical position is not highly recommended because of the fact that an outside force is invading the otherwise clean area of the vagina. What that means is that you are introducing germs to a place that should stay germ free. Let’s face it girls, this is the area that most do not want to venture into, for that same reason.

We however, do recommend it because it help identify when ovulation is about to occur and when it has definitely occurred. It can also give clues as to whether pregnancy has been achieved or not. (If you prefer a not-so-messy approach, read more about the Fertility Tracker.)

Checking the cervical position takes some practice and if you choose to chart this particular sign, there are some smart guidelines you must follow in order to achieve the best results:

  • First and foremost, wash your hands thoroughly before checking the cervix.
  • Choose the right time. A good time to check it would be after a bath or shower. That is an easy time to just sit on the edge of the tub and try it.
  • It would probably be a good idea to keep your nails clean and filed as well, so as not to nick the fragile tissue.
  • There are different ways in which to check the cervical position. Sitting on the toilet or squatting or standing with one leg on the edge of the bathtub are good positions to be in.
  • Gently insert one or two fingers into the vagina.
  • Feel for the cervix – located in the upper front or top.
  • It usually takes a month or so to see all the changes in the cervix during the cycle.

What do the different positions mean?

During the beginning of the cycle, the menstrual bleeding, the cervix is normally low and hard and slightly open to allow the blood flow out. It is somewhat rigid and feels like the tip of your nose. Most women normally don’t check it during menstruation, simply because of the mess.

After the bleeding stops the cervix remains low and hard and the OS – the opening to the uterus – remains closed. This will change the closer to ovulation you approach.

As ovulation arrives the cervix rises up to the top of the vagina and becomes softer and softer. At the height of ovulation the cervix feels more like your lips than your nose and the OS are open to allow sperm to enter in. Sometimes the cervix seems to disappear – which, of course, it has simply become so soft it blends in with the vagina walls and rises so high that the finger cannot touch it.  This is known as SHOW – Soft, High, Open and Wet.

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The time frame for this to happen varies from woman to woman. Each woman is unique and must give herself several cycles to determine when events take place.

Sometimes ovulation will seem eminent; the cervix will rise and soften and then ovulation will be delayed for some reason.
This is normal for women who have a slow rise in temps as well. I have noticed that my own cervix seems to see-saw at different points – but in acquainting yourself with all your fertile signs – you learn how to recognize each one of them. This see-saw effect will coincide with saliva ferning if you use a Fertility Tracker.

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Once ovulation occurs the cervix drops to a low cervical position and firm – once again feeling like the tip of your nose and the OS becomes tightly closed. (The OS in a woman who has given birth vaginally will feel more open at all times because of the stretching that occurred at the birth of her baby.) This can happen right away after ovulation to several hours to several days. Again, each woman is unique and needs to find these things out over a several month time frame.

When pregnancy occurs, the cervix will rise up and become soft, yet the OS will remain tightly closed. This occurs at different times in different women. Some women may find that twelve days after ovulation their cervix will do this and is a probable pregnancy sign. Others won’t experience this until well after the pregnancy has been confirmed.

When checking the cervix – use caution – always clean your hands and try not to do this too often – the cervix can sometimes become easily irritated. If you don’t feel comfortable charting this sign, then don’t do it. Try an OvaCue Monitor, Fertility Tracker, Basal Body Thermometer or Ovulation Test Strips. And give yourself a month or two to acquaint yourself with the different changes the cervix goes through during the cycle.

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    Did you know that you could write to us and ask questions? We have tried to start a new forum where we can answer some of your questions instead of each other. Check it out and bring your friends with all their questions. BeyondFertility Community Forum

  2. Cora

    doing a great job, keep up the work going.

  3. Deondina

    this stuff is worthy a read. thanks for the info about infertility and spotting.

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    Can you email me with any hints & tips about how you made your site look like this , Id be thankful.

  5. laura

    Thank u for this information, I was worried. Please I need to know this I’ve not had my periods since I gave birth, this is my 7th month and noticed a hard cervix, why?

  6. admin

    Hi Laura,
    Your cervix will be hard unless you are getting ready to give birth or before you menstruate or ovulate. It is supposed be hard when it is not needed to be open and soft. Are you nursing? That might be why you don’t have a period yet. Do you think you might be pregnant again? You may have conceived before you had your first period if that is the case. Blessings, Brenda

  7. Lorrie Triplett

    I will be having my af in four days, but my cervix is high and soft and the mucus is white and watery. Can I be pregnant? I had my ovulation on the 26th of July and it stayed high. My BBT has been 98.4 for the last 10 days. I usually have a low hard cervix at this time. What do you think?

  8. admin

    I’m sorry we could not get to all of the comments on our site. I am guessing that you are 2 months pregnant by now but write to me if you have more questions. For the sake of others reading, I will answer this anyway. High temps for 18 days shows pregnancy. The fact that it was high and soft after ovulation showed that you were pregnant as well.


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