Fertility Questions

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Often women who are trying to conceive have fertility questions about what to do or not to do while pregnant, but does the same hold true while trying to conceive? Questions such as: Can I fly?[WIDGET1] Can I ride rides at an amusement park? Can I swim? Can I sit in a hot tub? Can I go hiking? These are just a few of the questions that are asked during pregnancy and most certainly should be asked while trying to conceive.

In my opinion we should treat ourselves as if we are pregnant while trying. There’s only about a two week window each month that is considered “safe” and then there’s the two weeks or so after ovulation that it’s possible to be pregnant. Therefore it’s best to err on the side of caution and act as if you are pregnant.

Here are some popular questions and the answers to the most asked questions.

Is it safe to fly?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to fly while trying to conceive.

Can I ride amusement park rides?

I would caution against this. If you think there’s a possibility you may be pregnant, you want to do everything possible to insure a healthy pregnancy. I think slow, calm rides would be okay (Merry-go-round).

Can I swim?

Exercise like swimming is perfectly okay in moderation.

Is a hot tub safe?

If you are inclined to get into a hot tub, make sure the water isn’t too hot. Hot water either in baths, showers or hot tubs isn’t healthy for a pregnancy.

Can I go hiking?

Yes, in moderation. Just make sure to drink plenty of water and don’t over-exert yourself.

Can I exercise?

Yes, in moderation. While trying to conceive is not the time to start training for a triathlon exercise in moderation is actually good for you.

Can I smoke cigarettes?

While there are plenty of women who smoke through their pregnancies, it’s always best not to. Cigarette smoking tends to make babies have lower birth weight.

Can I drink alcohol?

NO. It’s important to not drink alcohol during the last two weeks of the cycle to help prevent birth defects. If you must take a drink, do so before you ovulate.

Can I be on a diet?

This depends on what type of diet. Most (like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig) are safe for early pregnancy; however please check with your physician to be sure. Once you confirm the pregnancy, discuss your diet plans with your physician.

Can I take drugs?

Whether it’s illegal or prescribed or over-the-counter, you need to discuss this with your healthcare provider. Definitely stay away from illegal drugs, but do discuss the other. Some drugs are safe and most aren’t.

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