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Q and A on Fertility Help

How long does it take to get pregnant after sex?

[WIDGET1]Sperm can live up to 5 days in fertile cervical fluid and the egg can live up to 24 hours. So basically you can get pregnant anywhere from several minutes to 5 days after sex – depending on where you are in your cycle.

How frequently should we have sex to ensure conception?

Much of the answer depends upon the assumption that your husband has a normal sperm count. Assuming this, it is okay to have intercourse every day, however every other day would suffice. If you know when you ovulate – you can have intercourse the day before and the day of ovulation to increase your chances of conception.

Does strenuous exercise during fertile days prevent fertilization and/or implantation?

It is possible. It has been medically documented that female athletes become anovulatory (no ovulation) because of the strenuous exercise they put on their bodies. The best thing to do is do the exercise in moderation.

Will it affect my chances of getting pregnant if I use a lubricant such as KY jelly?

Yes, KY is not conducive to sperm. If you need to use lubricant – try egg whites. These have worked and women have even conceived while using them.

We are trying to conceive. Can my husband go into a hot tub / Jacuzzi?

Yes, as long as it’s done in moderation and the water is not too hot. Loose fitting underwear makes for a cooler environment which promotes fertility in men – a hot tub can be bad if it’s used in excess and if the water is too hot.

How long I can conceive after an abortion??

This is a tricky question. It’s highly possible to conceive right away. However because an abortion is an unnatural event – it throws the body into a hormone havoc of sorts. A number of women who conceive right away after an abortion usually experience a miscarriage because of this.

Is there a certain sex position that most people get pregnant?

Actually it probably serves best to allow for deep penetration. The best way is the missionary position with the woman on the bottom on her back. However conception has occurred in other positions too, so don’t limit your “Love making” to just “baby making”. Have fun, and try to lie on your back as soon as possible afterward if you do choose another position besides the missionary.

What options are available for a woman with block fallopian tubes age 37 to conceive? Cost of procedure.

There are certain procedures such as a Hysterosalpingogram. In a hysterosalpingogram a dye is inserted into the cervix to fill the uterus and fallopian tubes and then x-rayed. This test determines if the uterus and fallopian tubes have any blockages – such as scar tissue, tumor and/or blockages. It is usually done before ovulation to insure that a fertilized egg will not be flushed out. If the hysterosalpingogram comes back with abnormalities then a hysteroscopy is performed. A small tube is inserted through the vagina into the uterus called a hysteroscope. Your doctor can then take photos of the inside of the uterus for a better evaluation. A laparoscopy is done right before menstruation and after an HCG pregnancy test is run. A fiber optic tube is inserted through the abdomen to look at the fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus to check out the endometrium and to check for adhesions. After these are done – sometimes the dye will have helped to clear out any minor blockages – I know of several who conceived the month following this procedure. Surgery can be performed to remove blockages, if the doctor feels they can. As for the costs – I think you’re looking at starting at $1000 and up. Costs vary from city to city as much as several thousand dollars. You can call the doctors in your local area and inquire about the fees. Insurance may or may not cover infertility tests and treatments. Also – if your tubes are beyond repair, IVF may be considered. I believe it’s in the $1000´s too. The good news now, though, is that medical science has advanced so that women, who once were considered infertile, can now conceive through invasive means.

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