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Fertility Advice

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Some of the best fertility advice I can give is to relax.  If you’ve crossed over into another new year without conceiving, don’t loose heart. [WIDGET1]Conception can sometimes take a while to happen. I now have 6 children and each conception and pregnancy was different. It took me 3 months to conceive my first baby. Number two was a pleasant surprise, number three took me 16 long months and number 4 was a surprise. Even with someone as fertile as me, I had my moments when it looked like it wouldn’t happen.  Numbers 5 and 6 came along right before and after I turned 40!

But I remember so well the feelings I had as I was trying to conceive my third baby. I remember well celebrating a new year and being sad at the same time; sad that I had spent the entire previous year trying to conceive, month in and month out with no positive results. I spent a fortune on pregnancy tests and ovulation kits. I obsessed with charting, drove my husband crazy with my mood swings based on my basal body temperature. Looking back, (hind sight is twenty-twenty, you know) I wish I had relaxed more. You’ve heard the saying – “Half the fun of being there is getting there.” Well, it’s true!

Enjoy the process. We were made to pro-create. Reproduction is an enjoyable and pleasurable experience. Take the time, along the road to parenthood, to enjoy every second of it. Making a baby, making love, is supposed to be a fun enjoyable experience. Relish the moments with your husband. Try not to stress this year. Believe me, stressing out over it won’t make it happen any faster.

Making your new year’s resolution to relax may just be the key to actually conceiving this year. For me it happened when I really didn’t expect it to. When I tried and tried and tried, it never happened. I’m not saying that some may not need medical help in order to obtain their goal of becoming pregnant, but even then, do it with a relaxed attitude.

When you are in the throes of dirty diapers and sleepless nights, when dried spit-up is a part of your outfit, when you obtain the wonderful title “Mother” you will look back at the process of getting there fondly – remembering the anticipation and the loving moments. All too soon it will change, when you see those double lines on that home pregnancy test. Your life will never again be the same. So roll with the process of “getting there”, enjoy it. Relax.

Many positive wishes for you!

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