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PCOS spotting

Here is an example of some of the emails we receive about PCOS spotting.

Mid Cycle Spotting

Mid Cycle Spotting, also known as spotting after a period, is almost always hormonal imbalance based. There are several reasons which we will explore here. If you have mid cycle spotting after a light period it may mean impending miscarriage.  Often times a...

Black Spotting

Many female friends will tell you that black spotting is normal or that brown spotting is also normal. They may be common but they are not normal.

Spotting 10 Days Before Period

One of the main reasons for spotting 10 days before period can have to do with cysts or implantation.  It can also be that your cycle will be shorter than you expect this month and you ovulated early. Now usually I would not suggest implantation because implantation...

Reactions to Depo Shot

Below are the most common reactions to Depo Shot AKA Depo-Provera Abdominal Pain Abortion Spontaneous Alopecia Amenorrhoea Anxiety Arthralgia Asthenia Back Pain Bone Density Decreased Depression Dizziness Dyspnoea Fatigue Headache Hypertension Hypoaesthesia Injection...

LoEstrin 24 Fe

Here are some of the side effects of LoEstrin 24 Fe  a “milder” birth control pill with 20 micrograms of estrogen per serving.  The information is taken from their site and the PDF that follows has all of the side effects and information from them as well....

Side Effects of Nuvaring

The side effects of Nuvaring are much the same as other chemical birth control methods but you should still have them in front of you before your health is behind you. We get so many emails and commentors looking for answers about birth control and spotting.  Here is...


The #1 Reason for Spotting:
Hormonal imbalance due to low progesterone. 
Don't take chances with the baby you work so hard for.
See our list of top progesterone creams.
We've been there and we know how you feel right now.


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