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It would be foolish to believe that the first article you will want to pour over would be Corpus Luteum Function but at least give it a chance.  Corpus luteum – Latin for Yellow Body – is of the utmost importance to TTC.  It is all about the progesterone baby.

What if I ask you – How important is progesterone to your baby, to your pregnancy and to the placenta?  That might jar your attention a little more.   By the very fact that I asked in that way you might perk up and take notice.

Corpus Luteum Function  –

The ovary is where many things are hosted for female reproduction.  For instance the follicles which are matured in the ovary.
Apart from hormones and follicles the corpus luteum is extremely important to getting pregnant.  Doing what we can to make sure it is the best functioning Corpus Luteum possible is important work in TTC.  We do this with healthy eating, herbs and making sure that hormones are in balance when pregnancy is possible.

The Corpus Luteum actually forms after ovulation. I can honestly say that it took a while  for me to recount the order of this.  The follicle of the month is matured and becomes an egg.  The egg is forced from ovary and a sac of fluid forms behind, at the site of the follicle, growing with progesterone.  Immediately blood vessels begin to form in preparation of producing hormones such as progesterone.  This progesterone will either be enough (hopefully) for the rest of the cycle or with some help of hCG after pregnancy occurs, enough for 8-12 weeks when the placenta should be fully formed and nourishing your baby.  If the  corpus luteum functions properly it will  last somewhere, normally, through the 6th month; sometimes beyond.

Why is this so important?  When you read about LPD – Luteal Phase Defect – you will find that the lack of progesterone is the most popularly known reason for miscarriage.  If you are not producing a good egg and corpus luteum and are not supplementing with natural proggesterone cream then you will soon be in danger of miscarriage after waiting so long to conceive.

One important point to note about the Corpus Luteum is that it can be torn from the ovary if a cyst ruptures.  This is common in early pregnancy.

If you have a history of cysts or PCOS / PCOD you may have this situation happy and not even know.  It is even more important that you have progesterone enough to support these first important weeks of pregnancy.  Don’t be caught off guard but be armed with natural progesterone cream upfront.

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