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Brown spotting and birth control is a common subject but that does not make it normal or less frightening. We have tried to answer a number of questions all in one place for you to sort through.  Maybe you will see yourself in these pages and find answers helpful to you or ask one of your own.

Here is what Carmen wrote to us about:
I started using loestrin 24 about 4 months ago. My periods are now really thick brown mucous and they seem to be happening twice in a month. I don’t know if this is normal or a bad sign.

Here is our response:
What were your periods like before the pill? Have you missed any pills, basically are you faithful to the pack? How low does the brown bleeding last? When does it come and how long in between?  Give me some kind of dates?  Is it happening right before or after your period, mid cycle, 2/3 of the way into the cycle?  Can you explain it according to the part of the pill pack you are on?   Have you told your doctor?  Just so I have a clearer understanding.  These things are so iffy because many factors are at play.

A low estrogen form of the pill will build only a light uterine lining.  That makes you more susceptible to pregnancy and makes your body more fragile in your activities, sports or sex wise.

I have to say this in all these posts.  The pill does not prevent pregnancy or other functions of the cycle.  It merely forces an action to expel unwanted pregnancy and it forces the shedding of the uterine lining each month even if there wasn’t much built up.   If you become pregnant each month and then it is forced out then there often is brown blood.

Brown blood most often comes from cysts, a pregnancy lost or old blood that has not quickly made its way down the cervical canal and out to the vagina.  If you have blood coming from your uterine lining that is not coming down more quickly it will be brown.  The longer trip causes it to breakdown and turn brown.

Brown bleeding or spotting twice a month is what causes me to perk up and take more notice.

The mucus isn’t the concern, it is just carrier fluid,  but the twice a month bleeding is a concern.

Please consider checking with your doctor.  You would want to know if this is internal bleeding which can be the reason you are bleeding brown twice in a month instead of just around your period.

You know there are always condoms which do not mess with your hormones, your future fertility or possible cancer.  Just an FYI from someone who cares.   : )


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