The Importance of Buying a Quality Crib Mattress

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Ensure your baby has a wonderful night’s sleep with a top-quality crib mattress and/or a bassinet/cradle mattress.   Your newborn will spend up to 70% of his or her time sleeping on their crib mattress, so choosing a quality mattress is an important decision. Even if your baby starts off their first 4 to 6 months in a bassinet or baby cradle, it’s still a wise decision to choose a comfortable, well made baby mattress.

A baby’s bones are soft, yet they will do some of their fastest growing within the first few years of their life. Even when they reach their toddler years, they will still spend 50% of their time in their beds besides sleeping, such as playing before and after their naps. Quality construction and firm support is required to help their developing spines stay aligned correctly.

Should You Choose a Foam Mattress or an Innerspring Mattress?

Just like adult mattresses, you have a choice between purchasing a foam or an innerspring mattress. Both work well, provided you choose a top-end, well-constructed crib mattress. In other words…not all mattresses are made the same!

Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are made of either polyether or polyester, which means they also weigh less than an innerspring crib mattress. The main problem with foam crib mattresses is that they tend to wear out and loose their shapes faster. The bonus to this type of crib/cradle mattress is that they usually cost less. Just be sure when you choose a foam mattress that it has a high density of foam. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s thicker, but just that the foam used is of a denser nature. The higher density will provide firm support and should last several years.

Innerspring Mattress

These crib mattresses will last longer than foam because of the coils inside them. They are naturally heavier and usually cost a bit more than foam mattresses. Make sure the innersprings have a high number of coils – at least 150 coils or more. The mattress covering should have several layers to it as well.

Your baby’s crib mattress should also have lots of vents along the sides, whether it is form or innerspring. This allows the mattress to eliminate odors, keeping the mattress fresh smelling. Baby cribs measure 51 5/8″ X 27 1/4″ by today’s standards, so when choosing a mattress, be sure it fits snuggly within the crib. You should not be able to get more than 2 fingers between it and the frame. The same rule applies for bassinet and baby cradle mattresses. You may also want to look for mattresses that have a wet-proof, nylon reinforced cover, for obvious reasons.

No matter which type of crib mattress you choose be sure it’s fire retardant. Family and friends like to hand their baby furniture down, which is fine, however many second-hand, older mattresses may not be fire retardant. They may also be worn out and won’t give the support needed, even though they may look good on the outside. These are probably the best reasons for purchasing a new mattress for your crib, bassinet and/or cradle.

Take your time to compare prices, construction and quality offered by various manufacturers. Your baby deserves a wonderful, peaceful night’s sleep.and so do you.

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