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The most important job in the world!

If you want to become a car mechanic, a computer engineer, a nurse, a secretary, a carpenter or an electrician, you will have to train for a few years, backed up with the learning of theory from a college in order to qualify.

No so to become a parent! You become a parent the day your baby is born. No qualifications required!
You simply cannot be disqualified, unless you ill-treat your baby, and it is reported to the authorities.

If you drive a car without having a driving licence, or you drive too fast, you can be disqualified. If you haven’t got a TV licence, you can be fined.

If you don’t know anything about caring for your baby, nobody will bother you, unless you are reported to the authorities for ill-treating your baby!

Fortunately most new mothers and fathers are pleased to have their baby. Therefore they will do anything they can to care properly for their baby. If they lack knowledge, they will read up on it, trying to find some good books on the subject of bringing up a child, long before the baby is born. They might have the chance to attend a course.

They will talk to mothers they know, to get the best available information. Which books are worth reading? At this stage you don’t want any specialist books on certain aspects of various illnesses or disabilities. Hopefully you will have a healthy baby, born at the right time. The important thing – the most important thing! – is that your baby is welcome!

The father of the baby, hopefully the steady partner of the mother, should also do his homework! He should be willing and prepared to help out when required. The baby is not the responsibility of the mother alone, although she will probably spend most time with the baby. There will be some broken nights, and he should take his fair share of time to care for the baby.

There are no exams to pass to become a mother. No exams to pass to become a father. No application for a licence is required. No qualifications asked for by anybody. No proof of suitability needed.

We are talking about the most important job in the world: bringing up the next generation!

Having read this far I am sure you will do your utmost for your child. As your child grows up, you will always be there to help and give advice. In a loving and caring home your child will have the very best chances to develop to the best of his/her ability.

Using your common sense to guide you, will be more important than to have read a lot of books on child psychology!

Copyright by Carl Schyberg

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