Diaper Rash Basics

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There should be a saying; “diaper rash happens.” There probably isn’t a parent out there that hasn’t dealt with diaper rash at one time or another.  It’s no wonder, a baby’s delicate skin is kept in a pretty scary environment; dark, damp and humid!

There are two major types of diaper rash :

Yeast: This is a more severe type of rash. In fact, a yeast known as candida is the culprit, the same yeast that causes thrush.

Irritation: This type of rash happens most often and is caused simply by irritation to the skin from the dampness, diaper or stool.

Most diaper rashes can be treated and prevented fairly easily. Diaper rash creams such as Desitin or Balmex can be used as both a preventative measure as well as a treatment. Diaper rash creams containing zinc oxide are probably the best choice. Upon first noticing irritation, begin applying the diaper cream of your choice at each diaper change. You can do this until the irritation clears up, or if you choose, continue using it to prevent further irritation.

If a yeast infection occurs, the above mentioned diaper rash creams will not work. You may notice extra irritation, including small patches of redness and sometimes areas that look raw. If this occurs, you will need to see your doctor who will prescribe an antifungal topical ointment.

Diaper Bag Essentials

One of the most important items you will carry with you when you are out and about is a diaper bag. Packing it full of the necessary essentials will ensure that you are prepared for anything! Here are some of the basic necessities you will need:

  • **Diapers
  • **Wipes
  • **Bottles
  • **Formula & Water (if bottlefeeding)
  • **Bibs
  • **Rash Cream
  • **Blankets
  • **Burp Cloths
  • **Extra Change of Clothes
  • **Two to Three Favorite Toys
  • **Pacifiers (if you use them)
  • **Ice Packs to Keep Breastmilk or Formula Fresh & Cool
  • **Plastic Bag For Soiled Diapers

Written by Jaime Warren of CaesareanBirth.com

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