Things that Makes Breastfeeding Easier

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I’m about to start breastfeeding my 4th baby as soon as she arrives in the next couple of weeks. I’ve tried many products along the way and have found a few products that help to make breastfeeding easier.

Here’s a review of my favorites:

LANSINOH Washable Nursing Pads

These nursing pads are made of 100% cotton and are reusable and washable. They are white and the side that goes next to the breast is very soft.

The pads are thin enough to be discreet under clothing. The pad is made up of several layers of soft cotton. Cotton is breathable, so air can flow through.

The pro and con to these pads are the same – the fact that they are made of cotton. The pro is that air can get to the breast  and the pad will not stick to them in the event of a leak. The con is that because it is 100% cotton if a leak does occur – it will leak through.

I prefer the all cotton pads to the disposable ones once my milk is established. I recommend these pads if leaking is not much of a problem. I recommend using a good disposable nursing pad for when the milk is still in the process of establishing itself.

LANSINOH Breastfeeding Privacy Drape

I LOVE this item! It is an absolute necessity if you are breastfeeding and I WISH I had it with my first 2 babies.

The drape is made of 100% soft, lightweight cotton. It is a natural colored cotton that’s breathable for the baby. Nothing to worry about with suffocation here! It’s designed much like an apron without the strings. The top part of the drape has a weight in it so that it will stay over the shoulder while breastfeeding. This is the best asset of it because trying to hide a breastfeeding baby with an ordinary blanket does not work too well when they grab the blanket and yank it down.

The drape is a little pricey – if you are apt to sewing, I suppose you can make one yourself much cheaper. Or if you are like me and detest sewing, you’ll buy this drape!

Ameda One-Hand Breast Pump

This is by far the best manual breast pump I have ever used. I have tried the Evenflo Electric pump and the Medela manual pump. The electric pump didn’t work well at all and the Medela was very hard to use. When I received the Ameda One-Hand Pump as a gift with my 2nd baby I was amazed at how easy it was to pump milk.

I use the Ameda One-Hand Breast Pump while I’m nursing my baby. It’s that easy. I simply place the breast pump to the other breast and while my baby starts the let-down of the milk I begin pumping.

I highly recommend this pump for any mother who is breastfeeding and who wants to pump. This pump will get more milk out faster and with one hand.


LANSINOH Breastfeeding Baby Carrier – same thing as a No Jo – same instruction booklet!

This carrier is a God-send. While I had the typical Snugli with my first two babies, I certainly could not breastfeed them in it.

This carrier is made of 100% durable cotton with a polyester filling in the padding. It’s durable and breathable.

This carrier is made to hold a newborn up to 20 pounds in various positions. With ease, I can breastfeed my baby as I’m doing work around the house. Most babies fit comfortably in the carrier and the way the carrier is made it puts less strain on my back.

I placed my one month old daughter in this carrier the day after Thanksgiving and went shopping. She slept the entire time and I shopped in the heaviest of crowds with ease.

I recommend this carrier – whether you breastfeed or not. It can be used by any mom to simply carrier the baby – around the house – while shopping – while doing anything!

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