Baby Showers The Secret To Hosting A Great Party

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by Heather Pieczonka
Owner and Founder of

Have you ever wondered what makes a party fun or dud? Experienced hostesses will tell you successful baby showers have these 3 things in common:

1. A Theme – atmoshpere of the party is everything!

Even the most ordinary party will be extra-special if all the decorations, invitations, games, and food are done with a theme in mind.

Many Baby Shower themes revolve around items like Rubber Duckies, Noah’s Ark and Nursery Rhymes, but any theme can make you look like a pro, even if you chose a theme that’s as simple as a color scheme – like blue and white for a baby boy, or pink and white for a baby girl.

Another big benefit of using a theme? It will make all the decorations and planning a snap because everything matches. Even the guests will enjoy the instant gift ideas that come with a theme.

2. An Organized Hostess

I’m not saying you have to be Wonder Woman, but a little prep-work before-hand really pays off. If you start about 4 weeks before the party, then you’ll really be on top of things, and you can even print out a checklist to keep you on track every step of the way.

Baby Shower Checklist:

3. Fun Entertainment

While kids expect to play a few fun games at a party, what about the adults at a baby shower? Yes, they won’t admit it, but they end up having fun playing baby shower games too! You want to pick games suitable for the ages attending, but there are some classics that everyone will enjoy, including Baby Bingo and Word Scrambles. But if you’ve been to one too many baby showers and tasted one too many baby foods, or played one too many games of Diaper the Baby, then try something different, fun and unique…like the custom-designed baby shower games you can Print & Play from

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect party, so don’t stress trying to ensure absolutely everything is perfect. Maybe your guests get stuck in traffic and arrive late, or the dog eats your entree, or you have a power failure right before the party. If you expect the unexpected, and designate someone else to take plenty of pictures — you’ll be great!

Heather Pieczonka is the Owner & Founder of She designs custom Print & Play baby shower games you can print from your computer and publishes a free bi-weekly newsletter called “Baby Shower eXpress” dedicated to discovering the latest trends in baby shower planning.

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