7 Organizing Ideas for New Mothers

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by Barbara Meyers 7 Organizing Ideas for New Mothers.  (Visit our Organization for Moms page for many other posts like this.)  We have added our personal thoughts, in parenthesis,  from the experience of raising 5 children and a continual need for organization.)

1. Organizing ideas for new mothers starts with your home before the baby arrives; don’t be caught off guard. Dealing with a new baby takes enough energy without having to sort through clutter.

Start early!  Many a baby has arrived much earlier than expected.  (Personally, 3 of my 5 children were early – Brenda)

2. Buy a diaper bag with several compartments and keep it stocked with: blanket, extra outfit, diapers, wipes, ointment, snacks for Mom and feeding supplies.  If you are using homeopathic Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides make sure they are in the bag to help make labor more effective.)

3. Place containers filled with diapers, wipes and ointment around the house. You won’t want to walk to the nursery every time your newborn needs to be changed.  Early on, you can change your baby on the bathroom sink just as easily as at a changing table to have things available there as well.

4. Have a baby memory book, a baby how-to book and a notebook ready and accessible. You can fill-in, find out and make notes whenever you have a spare minute.  (Personal note: I actually wrote on every day of the first year calendar for each of my babies.  Obsessed YES! with everything they did. – Still am.)

5. Plan on relaxing your housekeeping standards the first year after baby’s arrival. Focus on the baby’s and your needs. Aside from basic clothes washing and meals, the house can wait.  (Fill the fridge and freezer with easy to heat or mix foods.  Consider making sauces and other dishes to help throw a quick meal together.  Hopefully, you will have meals made my church members, friends and family, as we were blessed to have.)

6. Develop a feeding “system.” If nursing, have a small bag filled with the essentials: small pillow, blanket, bottle of water, cloth, which you can grab at a moment’s notice when baby is hungry.  (Read the book Babywise; it is worth considering and makes for a happier, less fussy baby.)

7. Make lists. It only takes a moment to jot down errands to run, items to buy and things to do. The next time someone offers to help, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done (and maybe if they see the list, they’ll help even more).

by Barbara Collins-Myers

Barbara Myers is a professional organizer and author. Free tips booklet and e-zine to help you control your time by organizing your life. Visit http://www.ineedmoretime.com

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