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Babies and Beyond

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Babies and Beyond goes well beyond just fertility and infertility although that is what we are known for best.  Since we have moved into those areas we have “taken” many of our new friends from one journey to another.  That next journey is parenting of babies, toddlers, multiples.  Heck all the way up to graduation and grand parenting.

We have 5 children and Lori has 6 and each of them has a story Beyond Fertility.  Read some of our favorite stories or articles in the proper care and feeding of these precious little treasures.

As of this writing we have 5 children who are home schooled.  Two have graduated and 3 coming up in the ranks.  We don’t think everything about our lifestyle is for everyone but we would like to share our insights and let you decide.  Babies and beyond is just the beginning of life; not the culmination of TTC but the beginning of great joy.


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Hormonal imbalance due to low progesterone. 
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