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Beyond Fertility was born back in 2001 following several years of research I did about (human) fertility. First and foremost I am a wife, mom, web designer and writer.

It’s through 16 months of trying to conceive my 3rd baby that I came to the self-education of (human) reproduction through the reading of many books, magazines, websites, speaking with doctors, nurses and others traveling the same path to parenthood as well as my own personal experiences.

It is my desire to share with others what I have learned, to offer information, support and advice on preconception, pregnancy, babies and breastfeeding. I also continue to offer services and products through Whole Family Health that help with the journey to parenthood – things I would have loved to have back when I began this journey myself.

Enjoy the journey – and remember education is knowledge and knowledge is power – power that eliminates fear.

Lori Ramsey, MOM Check out Lori’s eBook – When Sex Isn’t Enough and get a free Cycle Balance Progesterone Cream when you purchase.

Read also About Us Now for the story of the new owner, Brenda Albano and co-writer of BeyondFertility.com and founder of InfertilityWorkshop.com came to be in this crazy world of fertility as well.


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