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Beyond Fertility is a teaching site.  We prefer to teach you about your fertility and beyond.  Andropause, Menopause, the teen years, whole family health concerns and all times of life that are affected by hormones.  Welcome.  Grab a cup of tea and learn.

natural progesterone cream for infertilityOur #1 article: Natural Progesterone Cream

BFspottingarticlesblurbshadowOur #2 article: Reasons for Spotting

popular fertility articles articles for infertility

Our Most Popular Articles

We have hundreds of articles about fertility, infertility and beyond fertility.  Visit our most popular articles

healthy eating for fertility

Healthy Fertility and Lifestyle

It is not enough to get pregnant.  Caring about your baby means eating for a healthy baby before birth.  Let us help you begin.

natural progesterone cream for infertility

Natural Progesterone Articles

Natural progesterone cream is not just our most popular product and what every woman needs to know more about.

Charting fertility products

Fertility Charting

Tracking fertility doesn’t have to be difficult.   A little instruction and the right tools and it all comes together.

reasons for spotting articles

Reasons for Spotting Articles

About 1/2 of our readers are here for answers to why they are spotting.  If you have spotting, we may have your answers.

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Check out some of our latest posts and a new category by Christina about her PCOS/PCOD journey.

My PCOS Story: Part 2

So I have moved several states south lately, and because of the move I have absolutely slacked in keeping on track with my fertility plans. I have just recently started tracking my Basal body temperature (BBT) again and need to restart the Paleo template. I have still...

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Read more in our:  Fertile At 40 category

Female Hormone Balance

So recently,  we have been personally working with several women trying to conceive and found a product called Female Hormone Balance that has impressed us.  Helping couples one on one has been our focus since we first started Infertility Workshop (a sister site) in...

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Luteal Phase Defect

In order to understand what a Luteal Phase Defect is it makes sense to understand the Luteal Phase.   You may want to start by reading a few other posts and pages here:  Glossary of Terms for Conception, The Female Menstrual Cycle and Luteal Phase Length.  That will...

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Improve Fertility

These are my success hints and tips on how to improve fertility: • B6 Vitamins – every day! • Progesterone Cream – from ovulation to either menstruation or all through pregnancy. • Water and Fertility Tea – every day. • Other Supplements – prenatal vitamins, etc....

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Read more in our: Reasons for Spotting category

Mid Cycle Spotting

Mid Cycle Spotting, also known as spotting after a period, is almost always hormonal imbalance based. There are several reasons which we will explore here. If you have mid cycle spotting after a light period it may mean impending miscarriage.  Often times a...

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Black Spotting

Many female friends will tell you that black spotting is normal or that brown spotting is also normal. They may be common but they are not normal.

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Spotting 10 Days Before Period

One of the main reasons for spotting 10 days before period can have to do with cysts or implantation.  It can also be that your cycle will be shorter than you expect this month and you ovulated early. Now usually I would not suggest implantation because implantation...

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Cycle Balance Cream Natural Progesterone

I was introduced to Cycle Balance Cream (formerly Pro Cycle Balance Natural Progesterone Cream) in 2008.  Delivering 1000 mg of micronized natural progesterone per jar it was right inline with Dr. Lee’s recommendation for the right amount of natural progesterone...

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Spotting 6 Days After Ovulation

Spotting 6 days after the pill (really 5-7) is a big concern when trying to conceive. Here is an email we received from a concerned women we call A. Our response is below the spotting question. Question: I have been looking at your site and wanted to inquire about my...

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Spotting After Period Ends

Kesiah’s concern was spotting after period ends; her menstuation was over. Here is what Kesiah wrote to us: Several Days of Spotting Message: hi, i would like to ask what is wrong with me..cause i already had my menstruation and after that there’s a little...

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The #1 Reason for Spotting:
Hormonal imbalance due to low progesterone. 
Don't take chances with the baby you work so hard for.
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