Natural Progesterone Cream

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Why I Recommend Natural Progesterone Cream

I receive a lot of emails asking what I recommend to get pregnant and stay pregnant.  There are a lot of remedies out there from teas to pills to tinctures; however there are actually three – four things I count most important and it seems that holistic practitioners generally agree;

Of the three items, the top recommended one is the progesterone cream.

Progesterone is the one hormone in the body of both male and female that regulates the entire endocrine system. That means that progesterone helps to keep all the other hormones in check, in balance. When there is a deficiency in progesterone the entire body can seem out of whack. Symptoms include all PMS and menopausal symptoms, thyroid dysfunction, low libido, infertility and pregnancy problems. Right now I’m going to focus on the role that progesterone plays in fertility.

NOTE: The bulk of this article was written by Lori – co-writer of Beyond Fertility, with additions from Brenda  – owner of Beyond Fertility and owner-founder of and (I, Brenda, have had 7 miscarriages, which is what lead me to the founding of InfertilityWorkshop in 1998.  There is no other product in the world that I have recommended more than natural progesterone cream.  We have endless testimonies of women becoming pregnant and staying pregnant when they could not sustain a pregnancy before due to low progesterone and hormonal imbalance.

Getting pregnant and staying pregnant is the goal.  Hormonal imbalance is the end goal during and beyond the pregnancy years.  Natural Progesterone speaks to all of the times of a woman’s life. End of note.

  • The body produces progesterone in the second half of the cycle, known as the luteal phase.
  • It’s progesterone that causes the basal body temperature to rise. (See our articles about charting and using a basal thermometer in TTC.)
  • It’s progesterone that helps the lining of the uterus to thicken for a possible fertilized egg to implant.  A nest for baby.
  • It’s progesterone that goes on to maintain a pregnancy, once implantation takes place.
  • And it’s progesterone that keeps the baby safely in the womb until ready to be born.

If progesterone is deficient, you will most assuredly experience:

  • PMS
  • luteal phase deficiency
  • miscarriage
  • preterm labor
  • and possibly premature birth.
  • Low progesterone is also responsible for post partum depression in many cases.

Knowing what progesterone does you can certainly see why a deficiency in this can cause a lot of problems.

cycle balance natural progesterone cream
Cycle Balance Progesterone Cream 

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My own story verifies this importance of natural progesterone or in my case, I feel, natural progesterone cream.

I first noticed I had problems with fertility when I was trying to conceive my third baby. I had suffered through two early miscarriages and had a luteal phase defect. I began using a natural progesterone cream which helped to bring my luteal phase to 15 days; prior to that it was anywhere from 9 to 11 days. It took another six months for me to conceive her. I stopped the cream after seven weeks. I had preterm labor at 30 weeks with her, and was on seven weeks of bed rest before she was born at 37 weeks. My first two babies came at 35 and 36 weeks. At the time I was not aware of the fact that I could have used the cream throughout pregnancy and how many women who had a history of preterm labor benefited from supplementing with natural progesterone.

balance cream natural progesterone
Balance Cream

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Fast forward to December 2001. I was breastfeeding my 13 month old daughter, and my luteal phase was 6 to 9 days long. I thought conception would be impossible. I started using a new cream I had found – Happy PMS Cream for PMS. – (We recommend Balance Cream over Happy PMS Cream because they are the same exact ingredients but Balance Cream by Whole Family Products, cost less.) — That very cycle I conceived my fourth baby. I continued the cream and had no sign of miscarriage. Because my third pregnancy was so high risk, and I had become pregnant so quickly again, I was braced for another bout of preterm labor to hit. At the advice of the manufacturer of Happy PMS Cream, I continued using the cream twice a day every day until my 27th week. At that point I used it three times a day, every single day until my 38th week.

Reaching my 38th week of pregnancy was a huge milestone, because I had never made it that far. I stopped using the cream at that point and waited for labor to hit. I waited and waited and waited. My baby girl was finally born two days past her due date!!   Not only did I carry her the entire pregnancy with NO problems, I carried her two days over! My first three babies weighed in the six pound range, my fourth weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces. I know I carried her, problem-free, because of the Happy PMS Cream.

The first three weeks after her birth I had bouts of post-partum depression. Again, at the advice of the manufacturer, I went back on the cream, and within a few days I felt normal again, with no sign of the depression!

Now you know why I so highly recommend natural progesterone cream, and most importantly, Happy PMS Cream AND Cycle  Balance Cream (check out our STORE to find these great products).  I have been using Cycle Balance Cream since 2008 since trying it after another baby for my PMS symptoms.  It goes into the skin so cleanly and is cold – processed so it has the best absorption.  Both creams have served me well and I highly recommend them.